I am so god damn excited for this game, out of all the potential “games of the year” that are out in 2023 (Tears of the Kingdom, Spiderman 2, Resident Evil 4 etc.) Alan Wake 2 is straight up my most anticipated game. If any of you watch any of our videos on YouTube then you may have see a few video from myself where I gush over Alan Wake, a game I truly believe is perfect, the only game I will ever give a 10/10 and that’s including games I have played waaaaay more.

For well over a year we have only had that one teaser trailer for AW2 but Yesterday a shiny new trailer was released and it looks AWEsome (just a little Control joke there). It looks terrifying, it looks stupid intriguing , it looks Absolutely gorgeous and visceral and just down right spooky…I just cant wait until October 17th 2023…that’s right just 5 more months after years of waiting…you think waiting six years for tears of the kingdom was bad imagine waiting 13 years for a sequel you hoped and dreamed would one day surface only for it to come true!

It looks like you are playing one of the agents searching for former FBI Agent Robert Nightingale…which includes Sam Lake reprising his role as Alex Casey (first seen in the role in Quantum Breaks Alan Wake trailer) but he is being voiced by James McCaffrey the voice of Max Payne…basically confirming that Max Payne is officially part of the remedy verse as Casey is an Echo of Payne and aaaaahhahhhhh it’s too awesome just check out the trailer below…there will be lots of Alan Wake videos coming over the next few months so keep an eye out for that on the Respawning channel and remember “It’s not a lake, It’s an ocean”

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