Josef Kills the MCU – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

While we got off to a bad start to phase 2 in 2013. 2014 would be the year of absolute classics. This year we would get The Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy. One of these are usually at the top of someone’s MCU ranking list and it’s easy to see why. Today we […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Thor: The Dark World

Aww man, phase 2 didn’t have a great start did it. While I don’t think there’s an absolutely terrible Marvel movie, there are definitely some bad ones. Thor: The Dark World is one that a lot of people will mention as the worst. Saying it’s the worst doesn’t make it a terrible movie, it means […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Iron Man 3

Phase 2 is in full swing! Overall my feelings on this phase as a whole is pretty mixed. There was some bad eggs in phase 1 but there were also greats like Iron Man and Avengers. There’s something similar going on again in this phase with some movies that strike out as great and others […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Avengers

Well here we are guys, we made it to the end of phase 1. It’s nostalgic and quite amazing to be at this point in the MCU. With Infinity War just over a week away it makes this movie feel so small in scale. However at the time the idea of having Iron Man, Thor […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Captain America: The First Avenger

Well we’ve made it to the last Phase 1 origin story. It’s been a lot of fun remembering where these characters came from. Despite my distaste for Iron Man 2 and Hulk, the main 3 Avengers get great introductions. Captain America was one I was more interested in than Thor, yet still didn’t compare to […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Thor

Yes I know we skipped Sunday, but I was busy eating Yorkshire Puddings and finishing phase 1 of the MCU. If you remember, we last covered Iron Man 2, the first sequel. At the end was a tease for a more out of world superhero, the mighty Thor. When this movie originally came out though […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Iron Man 2

Now I’ve spent the last two movies talking about Iron Man, Tony Stark, and my dying love for Robert Downy Jr. However, Iron Man 2 does not live up to the huge expectations I had after that perfect origin story. We’re not dealing with a bad film here, unlike Hulk it actually manages to keep […]

Josef Kills the MCU – The Incredible Hulk

While I previously optimistic and excited about this journey I have to lay this on the table. I do not like The Incredible Hulk very much. While the character grew better with time after a literal face lift, I can’t deny that this movie is overall very underwhelming. Coming off of Iron Man, this feels […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Iron Man

Welcome to Josef Kills the MCU. Before we start, yes that is a reference to Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe. Alright we good? In this very quick fire style series we are going to take on every single MCU movie in the next 14 days. It’s not going to be easy but I’m sure we […]

Javier Ranks – The Netflix Marvel Universe!!

I’m a bit of a marvel nut and every time a new netflix series is released I prepare myself for a weekend of binge watching. Well at least I used to until there were a few disappointments. I’ve now lowered my expectations slightly so at least it doesn’t always feel like I’ve been stabbed in […]