About Us

Hi there! We’re Respawning.co.uk! respawning-small-logo

Respawning is a UK based video game reviews and news site that focuses on providing you with everything from the most obscure indie titles, through to the biggest video game releases of the year. Respawning brings content to hundreds of viewers monthly, and is ever growing.

We live by a simple value here: “Opinionated Reviews for the Opinionated Gamer”.

Our intention is to provide you with honest & opinionated reviews and features written by gamers, intended for all levels of gamer, from the casual mobile gamer all the way to the most hardcore, competitive gamer.


We understand that no two people are the same, so you may see the same review published with 3 different scores based on updated writer profiles, giving you a real insight on whether a game is for you! We also commonly run Dual Reviews and Livestreams, so keep your eyes out for those!

Born as a passion project between 3 friends, Respawning has gone from strength to strength partly in thanks to our digital marketing, PR and web development backgrounds, however we would never have got this far without all the help from PR agencies and game developers/publishers! Since our inception back in August 2016, we’ve gone from a team of 3 through to a team of over 6, being selected to hold gaming nights and tournaments at 9 venues, in Exeter and London respectively.

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