Ben Brode, Game Director of Hearthstone at Activision Blizzard departs the company after 15 years at Blizzard

Ben Brode, Game Director for Activision-Blizzard’s hit CCG Hearthstone announced today that he is leaving Activision-Blizzard to help start a new, unnamed company.

Josef Kills the MCU – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

While we got off to a bad start to phase 2 in 2013. 2014 would be the year of absolute classics. This year we would get The Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy. One of these are usually at the top of someone’s MCU ranking list and it’s easy to see why. Today we […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Thor: The Dark World

Aww man, phase 2 didn’t have a great start did it. While I don’t think there’s an absolutely terrible Marvel movie, there are definitely some bad ones. Thor: The Dark World is one that a lot of people will mention as the worst. Saying it’s the worst doesn’t make it a terrible movie, it means […]

Monsters abound in Hearthstone’s upcoming single-player mode – Monster Hunt!!

Yesterday, Hearthstone Lead Mission Designer Dave Kosak and the Missions team gave an overview of Monster Hunt, the free, repeatable single-player content coming next week in Hearthstone’s latest expansion, The Witchwood.

God of War – Salman’s Impressions and Thoughts So Far!

So the day has finally come… God of War is in most of our hands and from what I can tell, people are absolutely blown away. I would like to start this piece by mentioning that I was not very excited for this game; personally, I think God of War 3 ended the series on […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Iron Man 3

Phase 2 is in full swing! Overall my feelings on this phase as a whole is pretty mixed. There was some bad eggs in phase 1 but there were also greats like Iron Man and Avengers. There’s something similar going on again in this phase with some movies that strike out as great and others […]

Chris Reviews – Seedship

Wake. It’s not so much a command as it is a sudden reality; at the moment of consciousness, your positronic brain is alert and scanning hundreds of reports taken over thousands of years. It takes less than a moment to acknowledge all the data, and discover why you are now awake: A planet has been […]

Fortnite Earns $25 Million in First Month on iOS

Fortnite Mobile has been a massive success for Epic Games, and a terror for schools across the country. The latest port has only been available on iOS since April 1st. The smartphone version alone has grossed more than $25 million in its first 30 days and the average daily player is spending more in Fortnite […]

Konami to end partnership with UEFA

UEFA announced over on their website yesterday an end to their partnership with Konami. The official statement is as follows: A ten year partnership between Konami and UEFA’s club competitions will come to an end following the UEFA Champions League final in Kyiv.

Turtle Beach extend their partnership with eSports titan, Splyce

Leading headset manufacturers, Turtle Beach, today announced that they are extending their partnership with Splyce- the eSports giant the owns teams competing on the world level in CS:GO, League of Legends, and Call of Duty- and are the 2018 Halo world champions. Turtle Beach will continue as the official audio partner for all of Splyce’s console-based […]

Announced: ‘Flinthook’ and ‘Mercenary kings’ get Physical release on Switch

It was announced today that ‘Flinthook’ and ‘Mercenary Kings’, two games by indie studio Tribute games are to be given physical releases this Monday. Also releasing is a limited collector’s edition, which contains both games in a single steelbook case, along with two double-sided posters and both games’ soundtracks- but only 3,000 copies will be made. […]

Cities: Skylines expansion, Parklife, announced!

Earlier today, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order announced that their popular PC/Mac city building simulator, Cities: Skylines, would be getting a new expansion on May 28th. The expansion, Parklife, will focus on providing cities with a variety of green entertainment spaces, including parks, zoos, and theme parks.

Overwatch’s latest Payload Map, Rialto, is live in the PTR starting TODAY!

The new PvP map, Rialto, is now live in the Overwatch PTR.

Film & TV Club – Our thoughts on making sequels to long-stagnant franchises!

Welcome to Respawning’s Film & TV Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together every Wednesday and allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of Films & TV! With Super Troopers 2 finally releasing, being a sequel to Super Troopers, originally released […]

Josef Kills the MCU – Avengers

Well here we are guys, we made it to the end of phase 1. It’s nostalgic and quite amazing to be at this point in the MCU. With Infinity War just over a week away it makes this movie feel so small in scale. However at the time the idea of having Iron Man, Thor […]

Tom Reviews – Masters of Anima

Passtech Studio’s third release, Masters of Anima, is an impressive and immersive experience. The graphic style is charming and colourful, the gameplay is relatively fluid and the voice acting is fine. But at least they put in voice acting! The story isn’t half bad either, although relatively simple in nature, it doesn’t fill out with […]

DOOM OST rips and tears its way onto Vinyl and CD in Summer 2018

DOOM® (Original Game Soundtrack) rips and tears its way onto Vinyl and CD in Summer 2018 The physical release of Mick Gordon’s acclaimed composition arrives in style via a collaboration with Laced Records

Exclusive Jo3bot T-Shirts Available in this month’s Lootcrate

This month’s Lootcrate, which is all about the upcoming ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, will include exclusive T-shirts available nowhere else. This first shirt is available in the Lootbox ‘Core’ crate, and features the mad titan, Thanos, sat on his throne. Designed by JO3BOT, who previously designed exclusive shirts for Marvel NYCC appearances in 2012. Secondly, the April ‘Loot […]