Clarissa Discusses – Can Overwatch 2 just be here already?

Recently Clarissa has been finding her enthusiasm in Overwatch dwindling as she awaits the game’s sequel… But why is this decline occurring? Find out!

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Alexx Discusses – Five Most Tragic Deaths in Video Games

Losing someone is a distressing experience… And is commonly used to great effect in narrative media… Join Alexx as he discusses the five most tragic deaths in video games.

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Episode 19 of the Respawning Podcast is live now!

Is there anyway back for Google Stadia? Delayed games galore, Sony skips E3 again, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, Super Smash Bros upset and more..!

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Get Off The Fence! Who Needs Who More? Sony or E3?

It’s Friday, and you know what that means… Wait… Not a Let’s Talk? What is this heresy?! Join us as we instead Get Off The Fence about the whole Sony and E3 debacle!

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Future Plans for Hunt: Showdown

Crytek name Koch Media, publisher of their online multi-player bounty hunting game for Xbox One...
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Fire Emblem: Cindered Shadows Trailer

At the end of the latest Nintendo Direct, the company also dropped a trailer featuring the upcoming story expansion for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Set in a new area beneath the school known as 'The Abyss', Byleth will encounter a fourth, forgotten house of students...

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Release Trailer

DBZ Kakarot is out in just 2 days so check out the last trailer here. Goku, also known as Kakarot, is a Saiyan, an alien sent to Earth as a baby to submit the whole planet. His memory was altered and he grows as a kind man and one of the...

Shenmue III’s 1st DLC arriving 21st January

Today Deep Silver and YS Net Inc. announced the release date for their first Shenmue III DLC “Battle Rally”.  Battle Rally offers fresh gaming activities in a race unlike any other, as contestants engage in head to head battles whilst racing their way...

The Longing New Trailer The Longing releases March 5th. Deep underground, a tired King must sleep to restore his strength. He asks his servant, a faithful Shade, to wake him when 400 days have passed. Then he closes his eyes, leaving the Shade...

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