Salman’s Monthly Playlist!

Hey everybody! Welcome to another addition to Salman’s Monthly Playlist! Hope you’re ready to listen to some tasty jams! I have been listening to a lot more stuff that’s hard to find, so I will definitely be linking to them so y’all don’t have much trouble in finding them!

Music to Ben’s ears – A look into his music trends…

We all listen to music; it doesn’t matter if it’s the latest from your favourite pop punk band (Eat Defeat) or something that manages to reflect every mood that you could possibly be in (My Chemical Romance) or even something to just have on in the background while you’re busy doing anything you need to […]

Will’s Armchair Designer: ‘Humanz’ – An Album with a Story to Tell (Part I)

Usually in my ‘Armchair Designer’ series, I break down the design of games… But here, I’d like to take a short break from that and take a look at my favourite album of 2017- Humanz.

Salman’s Monthly Playlist!

Hey all! Recently we’ve been doing a little bit more content when it comes to music so I decided to take advantage of that and share some of the stuff I’ve been listening to! My playlist mainly consists of random songs I find in the Discover and Release Radar section of Spotify as well as […]

Josef Reviews & Examines – DAMN by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar has been considered by many in recent time to be one of the most influential rappers around. To Pimp a Butterfly was considered by many to be the definitive rap album for the era we live in. Last April, Lamar released his fourth studio album DAMN to critical acclaim and a 7 from […]

Respawning’s Favourite Albums!!

Welcome to a collaboration post about the thing that makes us tap our feet and jiggle our arses. That’s right! It’s music! We’ve reshuffled some categories and are starting to provide you with our terrible music opinions. Not to worry, as we’re going to try our very best to back them up to the fullest. […]