Welcome to Respawning’s new regular feature, Club Articles! These articles have been created as a way of all us guys getting together every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and generally waffling on about whatever takes our fancy! Today we’re talking about what films and shows we’ve watched over the last few days, and what box office & TV hits (…Or blunders), we’re interested in that are upcoming!

What we’re watching, and anticipated to see


So anyone who has spoken to me in the last week knows of my new love for Atomic Blonde and it was described (by me) as John Wick with Charlize Theron but cleverer and a way better soundtrack. Seriously I have loved this film so much I went straight on and bought the books and TWO different posters around the film (And one specific Charlize Theron poster coz Jeeeeez).


So at the moment I’m in full Star Wars drive. I’ve been watching a lot of them for my weekly features and just saw The Force Awakens in preparation for The Last Jedi. I’m insanely hyped at the moment as Luke, Rey and Kylo are my all time favourite characters in the franchise and this is gonna be a movie featuring all three.

As well as Star Wars though I’ve been catching up on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is hilarious. I’ve also started watching Lucifer which is an Amazon Original I have always been interested in but just got around to seeing. Also a quick cheeky bonus is the Infinity War trailer that just gets me more excited for the movies we’ve got coming next year!


Admittedly I’ve not been delving too much into TV and Film in the last few weeks; saying this, however, I did watch Fight Club for the first time alongside Ben and Clarice during our recent adventure to Leeds – Seeing how great the movie still is in the modern age, despite being 18 years old was a pure treat, and seeing how it tackled subjects such as what our own internal ‘self’ desires as opposed to what our conscious self desires was certainly one hell of a building block for a film like this – I’m glad Hollywood hasn’t given this film the same treatment that other classics like Ghostbusters and The Blair Witch Project got…

Similar to Josef, I’m super hyped for the soon-to-be-releasing Star Wars VIII: The Force Awakens; I plan on dragging Clarice with me to go see it as close to release as possible!


I haven’t been able to watch a lot these past couple of days since I have a lot going on at school, but as any normal student would do I ended up procrastinating and watching an entire season of this new show called Mindhunter. This show comes at such a convenient time since I have been absolutely fascinated with criminal psychology and serial killers this past year so seeing such a great show about the subject matter was amazing. I don’t wanna say too much about it but what really sells the show are the performances especially of the Coed Killer Ed Kemper.

I also got to watch Spiderman: Homecoming and it was quite the fun little movie. The best way I could describe it is that it’s just a really fun time. The dialogue and humour is hilarious and the action is pretty fantastic. I haven’t been watching a lot of superhero films lately since I got really burnt out on them and even though I know like almost all of the Marvel ones are good I just refused. I’m glad I checked this one out and I am looking forward to Infinity War whenever that comes out. That’s about it from me! Back to drowning in school work


In terms of my most recent cinema outing, that would be to see Justice League. I went in this time around with little to no expectations, which unfortunately was just as well. I really wanted to like it, but overall I just found it to be a very messy film in its structure, tone and in the characters, which I’m sure wasn’t helped by the fact that Joss Whedon was brought in for reshoots following the tragedy of Zack Snyder’s daughter stopping him from completing the film. Their style and tones are just worlds apart, and it made for a very confused film. I’m not the biggest Marvel film fan, I don’t religiously see each film that they release, but what I can say is that they earned The Avengers through a steady build up and development of their characters through many films.

I feel like DC have rushed into this and it feels too late to go back. One sentence I hear a lot when discussing this film and all of the other DC films: “Oh, it’s a step in the right direction.” At this point it feels like a crawl rather than a sprint, and there’s only so many times you can use this line before you just have to admit that these films just aren’t clicking into place (with the exception of Wonder Woman, which is head and shoulders above the other films in the franchise for me). Like I say, I really want to like these films, and all I can do at this stage is hope things get better. And please, please, please don’t screw Batman up. Please.


All right that was our first club showing of what we’ve been watching. There’s been a lot of movies to get excited about and many more on the way! Including loads of Marvel goodies and animated masterpieces to come. Are you at home interested in anything soon? We’ll see you again next time in the cinema seats.