We live in a world saturated with more pay to win games than you could shake a ridiculously over priced stick at. So, when a game comes along that promises free progression we all can’t wait to play it even though that’s what we should ALL expect anyway! We’ve been numbed to this shit! What happened to us?! Anyway that’s that section of this rant done… So here’s another one.

Destiny 2, like its predecessor the well-named Destiny 1, is more or less a pay to win game that drains your very life force rather than your wallet.

So I originally had no intention of buying Destiny 2. I sat up on my GIGANTIC high-horse, looking down on all my friends bellowing about how I wouldn’t fall for the hype. The first game had wronged me with its repetitive gameplay and little progression… I wouldn’t fall into that trap again! HAHAHAHA!!

I laughed heartily as I inserted the Destiny 2 disc into my PlayStation 4 because I have absolutely fuck all self-control… I hate myself for it, ok, but I was promised there was a deeper story, less damning towards casual players, a real improvement from the last game! How could I resist? I should have. I should have stuck to my guns because Destiny 2 is nothing but a time sink. Don’t get me wrong. All the makings of a decent shooter are there. The movement is smooth, the weapons all seem to have a decent weight and punch to them so you feel like you’re making some real impact and the gear looks cool. However, with that last point lies the issue, the loot!

Even in the first trailer loot was touted as a major part of the Destiny gameplay and lore; what was missed though is that your entire life will revolve around crates and shiny green, blue, purple and if lady fate smiles upon thee yellow D&D dice. Like Minecraft before it you’ll be trapped in an endless loop of getting better gear purely for the task of acquiring better gear easier which would make sense if the game wasn’t scaling the combat to match your gear anyway! If a level 1 and Level 20 player both attack the same type of enemy at the same time neither will beat the other so why do you want those fancy trousers or posh new hat? Because the Internet says you SHOULD want them that’s why you clueless twat!

Now lets move on from my angst and move onto my unforgiving rage… Destiny 2 was promised to have a deep immersive story line and my friends insisted it would wash my worries away like yesterdays jam. NOPE! It’s just a few busy work missions stitched together with a load of FMVs made to make you think you even matter. It’s like my experiences with organised religion all over again.

This isn’t a review. This is just me ranting and getting stuff of my chest. I’m done now and you know what? I’m going back to play more Destiny because it’s like cocaine.

I should never have started but here I am.

Weak, tired, dehydrated and begging strangers on the internet to help me support my addiction through raids and strikes. All for just a little taste of that sweet sweet engram mannnnnnn.