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With Maze Runner’s final chapter releasing this week we discuss our least favourite books turned into movies.


The Golden compass, what a load of shit! The Northern lights books were my favourite as a kid so when i heard they were making a film, with Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman boy was i excited, and HUGELY disappointed. I’ve never seen such  a bad adaptation in my life and couldn’t finish the damn thing. This film taught me that sometimes the awesome things we want don’t pan out!

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I’m also not a massive fan of the Hobbit movies. I love lord of the rings but Hobbit feels so stretched out to me. It’s also worth mentioning here that although the Potter films are great they are nothing compared to the books, if you are a Potter fan but have only seen the films you are a cretin!


I’m not gonna lie, I’m still terrified of this bastard. Dr Seuss created some really wonderful children books, which have had some successful animated make overs. However when Mike Myers jumped into the cat suit everyone wanted to delete this from their minds. There’s something more off putting about the cat than there was about the bunny in Donnie Darko. I think the only way I would have enjoyed this movie is if the cat was just Danny Devito. But the whole movie in its current state plays like some psychological horror that gave me nightmares as a kid.


It is by no means the worst book turned movie I have ever seen but it is the freshest in my mind and currently the one I am most upset and butthurt about. When the trailers for this dropped I was super stoked and excited to see Idris Elba as one of my favourite characters of all time.

What I got was a squishes and messy production where too much story telling was trying to be told in one movie, In fact I even included it on my Top 10 Disappointments of 2017.


When it comes to books turned movies, there are a large number of examples pointing to how to do proper adaptations – Harry Potter… Lord of the Rings… The Hunger Games… But for every single good adaptation, there’s always a set of bad ones – The one that absolutely scarred me the most with it’s pure horridness has to be the Devilman Live Action film.

Whilst I haven’t gotten around to watching Devilman: Crybaby, I have unfortunately witnessed this hot mess of a film – Bad CGI? Check. Bad acting? Check. Nonsensical cinematography? Check; it tries to one-up the original anime by recreating famous and popular scenes in live-action, but just ends up smearing them in crappy CG and ruining the whole experience – For being a film based off of the tale of Devilman, it feels about as threatening as a cherub.