Bohemia Interactive is officially announcing the development of their second-ever DayZ expansion. DayZ Frostline is set to transform the survival experience this Fall. Offering exploration of the chilling Sakhal archipelago, the new content promises to push players and their skills to their limits in a winter wonderland that’s filled with danger and adventure.

In an area spanning over 80 km2, survivors will encounter a landscape blanketed in snow, from thick forests to frozen lakes, each inch will offer players both beauty and danger. The expansion introduces new survival dynamics which challenge players to manage warmth and resources while exploring innovative structures and landmarks teeming with secrets, as well as encountering new animals that have adapted to the cold.

Key features of Frostline include:

  • New Terrain: Discover an untouched archipelago where time stands still.
  • Winter Landscape: Experience a late winter setting.
  • Harsher Survival: Manage warmth and hunt for sustenance.
  • Environmental Hazards: Discover the hazards of living near volcanic areas.
  • Richer Wilderness: Meet new wildlife species that have adapted to the cold.
  • New Gameplay Mechanics: Take on new diseases and an enhanced fishing mechanic.
  • Winter Cosmetics: Dress for the season with winter-themed cosmetics.

Bohemia Interactive invites all survivors to prepare for a chilling adventure that will provide a fresh and immersive experience for veterans and newcomers to the DayZ universe. Visit the Steam Store page, wishlist DayZ Frostline now and prepare yourself for the most chilling survival challenge yet, coming Fall 2024.