Soul Games (CEO Um Taedoo) announced its participation in the ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B,’ which will be held at KINTEX Hall 1 in Ilsan from May 23rd (Thursday) to 26th (Sunday).

Starting as a one-person development studio in 2013, Soul Games is currently operated by about 30 employees. They have developed and serviced various projects ranging from casual puzzles to MMORPGs. Leveraging successful development through R&D projects, they have serviced mobile MMORPGs to the global market for several years based on network technology.

Their flagship product, Luna Mobile, utilizing the Luna Online IP, has achieved over 2 million cumulative downloads and total sales of 10 billion won domestically and internationally. They operate global services in collaboration with local partners such as Thailand’s Ultimate Game, Indonesia’s Majamojo and Lyto, and Taiwan’s Myplay.

They also plan to introduce Luna Mobile at this exhibition actively. Developed based on the IP of Luna Online, which achieved great success in Asia in the 2010s, Luna Mobile attracts fans with memories of the original game and cute and quaint graphics.

Soul Games considers the optimized server environment for the target market’s mobile network, achieved through years of service operation experience, a strength.

Luna Mobile In-game Simulation Image │ Image by Soul Games

A Soul Games official stated, “Through this exhibition, we want to find new locals where we can sell our flagship products. We want to meet partners who understand new locals, the game industry, and the ecosystem well.” They also revealed the background of participating in the exhibition: “We are also developing the next project after ‘Luna Mobile.’ We also want to meet partners in new global markets to serve the next project together.”

As a Korean game developer aiming to promote Korea’s name in the global market, Soul Games is considering Vietnam as a new target country based on its technology optimized for Southeast Asia. They are also interested in entering India, a completely new market, and ultimately aim to enter Japan, the top gaming market.

The official said, “Entering and servicing new markets is always a big challenge. However, Soul Games will not stop,” expressing ambitious aspirations, “Servicing games made by us worldwide is our goal and plan for the future.”

The ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B,’ hosted by Gyeonggi Content Agency and KINTEX, is themed ‘More Than Just the Joy of Gaming’ and features exhibitions and experiences of new games from Korean and international game companies. Visitors can enjoy side programs like the retro game market, esports competitions, and cosplay events.

Luna Mobile In-game Simulation Image │ Image by Soul Games
Luna Mobile In-game Simulation Image │ Image by Soul Games