5RockSoft (CEO Suk Chan-Ik) announced its participation in the ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B’ event, which will be held at KINTEX Hall 1 in Ilsan from May 23rd (Thursday) to 26th (Sunday).

Established in 2022, the startup production company 5RockSoft, under the vision of developing games that anyone can empathize with, non-violent, non-sexual, and informative content, as well as spreading Korean culture and lifestyle, aims to dispel the negative perception of games and enhance positive effects. Its main business areas are mobile games, educational games, and metaverse content and platforms.

The company has developed three games and is preparing a new one for service this year. It is also trying to create content on climate and environmental crises and educational materials, as well as plans to develop and introduce various genres, ranging from simple hyper-casual games to idle games.

The game to be unveiled at this exhibition, ‘Raising a Hammer Girl – Operation Whack a Mole,’ is an idle RPG reimagined based on user feedback from the previous work. Unlike other games, it is set to progress stages by descending underground, exploring how deeply players can delve. Moreover, various mini-games are prepared for interaction with users to address the issues of existing idle games. It is currently in development and scheduled for release in the second half of 2024.

According to officials, although its IP ‘Hammer Girl’ started in 2023, it was not widely known due to a lack of marketing. They are preparing additional content and system improvements, and as the P2E system is currently in place, they aim to serve on various platforms.

In-game images from Raising a Hammer Girl | Provided by 5RockSoft

‘Jumping Fish,’ a hyper-casual game, sends fish from a polluted sea to a clean one by passing obstacles with a single touch, targeting the global market to be serviced in various countries.

As part of this, 5RockSoft seeks partners who can efficiently serve the global market through meetings with various publishers and investors. Also, they plan to meet with multiple partner companies for continuous development.

5RockSoft stated, “We plan to introduce our games to large markets such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and the United States, and we have developed designs and systems that can be accepted in the global market from the beginning. They are currently translated into Japanese and English, “Our biggest goal is to finish two games by 2024 and start servicing them, with plans to service them sequentially in various countries. Also, as we aim to develop educational content continuously, we plan to service educational games and content that can be introduced in various countries.”

They added, “5RockSoft strives to make various social contributions through the images and philosophies conveyed in games to practice ESG management. We will continue to try to dispel the negative perception of games and create positive games.”

In-game images from Jumping Fish | Provided by 5RockSoft

The ‘2024 PlayX4 B2B,’ hosted by Gyeonggi Content Agency and KINTEX, is themed ‘More Than Just the Joy of Gaming’ and features exhibitions and experiences of new games from Korean and international game companies. Visitors can enjoy side programs like the retro game market, esports competitions, and cosplay events.