There was a thing toady and it had games to tell us about so I wrote notes and I’m gonna tell you about them.

RedFall seems to be trying pretty damn hard to be Left For Dead but cooler…it’s got vampires instead of zombies and a bigger focus on comunitcation with your team plus you can do it solo…fairly standard affair for games these days pretty meh if you ask me.

Hollow Knight silk song finally! And it’s coming to Gamepass which rules…I’ll give you a single guess as to whether we got a release date or not…we didn’t. Looks Awesome though.

Justin Roiland has a new game, you play a bounty using living talking weapons (think Oddworld Strangers Wrath) it looks cartoony and fun as hell. Knifey is my favourite thing. HIGH ON LIFE looks like my jam and it’s out OCT 2022

League of legends is on Gamepass and mobile now….wooo I guess all champions are unlocked that’s actually cool plus DLC and some card game I missed the name of…basically riot games in on Gamepass.

Plague Tales Requiem looks cool medieval survival adventure game sneaky, stabby and puzzley…them rats are vicious

Forza motor sport…not interested but as all ways it looks amazing visually and forza has an amazing rep with sim driving so if you’re a fan it’ll probably tickle your fancy. That water animation is noticeably looped though hhahahahah sorry to be picky.

Flight simulator. Again pretty but looks pretty boooring…just not for me…it has gliders now and helicopters. oooohhhhhhh halo ship.

Ara history untold…I guess it’s like civilization but changing history….no game footage so I really can’t tell you anything more.

Elder scrolls online high isle comes out next week on Xbox…its Elder scrolls online you either love it or you don’t.

Fallout 76…is it still a thing? Genuinely had no idea it was getting updates or even had people playing it…is it still buggy…probably it’s a Bethesda game…are there NPC’s now? I don’t know why I’m asking I literally don’t give a shit about fallout…Um new DLC THE PITT is a thing

More forza…horizon 5…see above but open world….oh actually holy fuck is that hot wheels tracks….that looks fun as hell, why have I been ignoring the forza horizon games? Hotwheels DLC…isn’t that a thing all ready?…does that matter I need to at least try this.

A dodo! Dinosaurs! Riding a TREX!!!! Oh it’s ark 2, out next year. I dunno I’m just not interested in that kind of gameplay…looks fun though.

New Giger inspired horror FPS Scorn looks gross I dig it…like one of the first things they showed was a dude ripped an umbilical cord from their stomach then all the H R Giger art work has the little goth in me squeeing.

We try and kill gods in a 3rd person single player dark souls style maybe…probably…main character looks pretty badass…sliding, shooting hacking fools up, big ass spiders grenade launchers….Flintlock the Siege of Dawn is probably a game I could get into…YOU HAVE A PET THINGAMAJIG.

Mojang… IP? Nope still Minecraft world…looks actually pretty like pretty looking…new textures are nice. action strategy, Minecraft legends…looks nice I know a few people that’ll get a kick out of it.

Titanfall farmer edition….Lightyear Frontier is I’m assuming a farming simulator where you control a Mech that Titanfall’s to the ground and then you play farmville but a space type version.

4 player coop rouge lite, cute animals with guns and weapons, Gunfire Reborn reminds me of borderland visually but looks like it’ll play like overwatch with randomly generated maps…actually that might be really good forcing people to adapt to the maps on the fly.

Horror mystery game, side scrolling action Metroidvania style…this looks ace…The Last Case of Benidict Fox looks amazing I cant wait for that. The art work is cool as fuck, story sounds spooky and mystreeeeerious and the gameplay screams that I MUST PLAY IT!

“As Dusk Falls is an interactive story powered by video games”…motion comic style animation, think walking dead game, the good one….really stylised looks good and apparently has different tales to tell…the choppy animation puts me off a bit but I’ll defiantly give it a go I love shit like this.

Naraka looks like a fighting battle royal set in feudal Japan pretty but meh I’d play it for a day and put it down only to claim to myself “I’ll play that soon”…It’s cross platform with PC June 23rd

Looks like a flash game has a cool medieval book style, It’s obsidian so loads to do but Pentement looks like I’ll get bored or enjoy for 3 hours put it down and never pick it up…or straight up hate it.

More obsidian but you’re tiny people…Honey Shrunk the kids tiny…FPS oh It’s grounded the full game out September…I’ll give that a go, I wanna take out “giant” bugs and run through the back garden riding an ant with a piece of Chips Ahoy attached to a twig to ride to battle againts a scorpion, then climb a daisy and whisked away by a be and discover my allergies don’t flare up anymore because the pollen is too big…ok I’ve got to watch Honey I Shrunk The Kids now

Sneaky future punk shadow ninja game Ereban shadow legacy looks like some sweet violent robot killing.

Necromancy beast looking scythe, glowing head, skelly army….Diablo 4…necromancer is a new class that’s pretty sweet…oooo It’s open world. I always want to love Diablo…I think because It’s not Gauntlet Legends (n64) I just don’t care or get bored of the grind…It’s probably the grind to be fair I hate that. Oh man it does look good though…I will get this I think especially if I can be a necromancer.

More piratey stuff presented in a shanty style song…damn Rare I love you…You can now be a Capatin and name your ship…no naughty words though hahaha. Sea of Thieves is a game need to play.

2.5 fantasy steam kinda punk…Ravenlok looks cute it has some cool character designs and fun looking gameplay. It looks retro enough for me to love.

New game from Limbo and Inside creators so this should be good…oh yeah It’s top down puzzley platformer I’m in…you play as a cute bug man…Cocoon? Are there old people that want to young in this game?

Zombies?….Team Ninja?!…Wo Long Fallen Destiny…Loads of fire, evil spirits and swords, sign me the fuck up!

Persona 3, Persona 4 Gold… P5 Royal…All coming to Xbox…That’s pretty huge news…not my thing I find JRPG’s tedious but i can here all the JRPG nerd out there creaming their pants…guys that was gross.


Overwatch 2 is in the showcase somewhere…I lost my notes on it but its free to play and there’s a new character coming, I missed her name (Junker queen apparently) but she reminds of a Mad Max reject…she’s actually kinda cool looking, breaks the forth wall and have some sweet (literal) chain attacks…I’m not a fan of Overwatch as I’ve never played it and I’m probably not going too to be fair, but huge news Overwatch 2 is coming and it’s “free”.

All these games are coming to Xbox with in the next 12 months so that’s neat.

Star field…is the big ender NO GEARS? I’m not ok with this I want to know what happens next dag nabbit.

Starffield is looking pretty cool but has that Bethesda jank all over it oh a mining laser that, that’s original…looks pretty as fuck though is Bethesda using a new engine for the first time since Oblivion?….seems like a slow game though, can’t be unhappy with a new IP though….super flexible character creation , o aliens though just humans…You can fly custom ships planet to planet…VR on this would slap but Xbox don’t do VR…the game is huge!!! You can land any where on any planet literally anywhere in 100 systems….fuuuuuuuck that’s a massive game.

Ok that’s that my take on the Xbox an Bethesda showcase, it was fine some games I’m really looking forward too…Benedict Fox and High on Life look fantastic…Anyway have a great day and don’t forget to be nice to each other.