Recently I was the recipient of an Xbox One S – It was actually an early Christmas present; I’ve had a PlayStation 4 since day one of its launch, and the last time I had an Xbox console was my old friend, the Xbox 360. I have very fond memories of my 360 – It was responsible for many, many late nights playing the Gears of War titles, and seeing that all the Gears games are on Gamepass, I decided to buy the service – With this you have access to a lot of titles for the price of a single subscription… But, with this library of games, what would I recommend, and is it worth it?

Gears of War

I was a huge fan of the series and still am with the recent release of Gears 5, and the entire Gears catalogue is available for ‘free’ on the Gamepass. Definitely worth a play… And they’ve even released a remastered version of the first game!

Lads on tour

Batman Arkham series

Arguably the best Batman games ever made! And with Gamepass, you have access to the two remastered Return to Arkham games; Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Also, Arkham Knight! These titles are amazing. I can’t recommend these enough, and if you ever get the chance, play Arkham Origins; it’s probably the best of the series, but unfortunately not covered by the Gamepass.

Once, twice, three times a Batman

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

I still remember playing the first Deus Ex game on PC, and it blew me away! I’ve loved every entry since; the cyberpunk styling, the ability to find your own way through an area, it ticks all the boxes. And this, the fourth game in the series, is no different. As a bonus, Human Evolution, the Xbox 360 title is also available with Gamepass!

Jensen takes hide and seek seriously


I was quite late jumping on the Metro series. My first experience was Metro 2033 Redux, which was actually a remastered version of the first in the franchise, and originally a 360 and PC game. I always found I preferred the Metro titles to the Fallout titles, if we’re talking about post-apocalyptic wastelands. All of the Metro games are available with the Gamepass, with Exodus being the latest edition to the collection released in 2019 – Metro gives you amazing and sometimes scary visuals all wrapped in under and above ground, post-apocalyptic FPS gameplay!

“That’s the sun, Yuri.”

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The sequel to the 2013 title, Tomb Raider, and the eleventh entry in the Tomb Raider series, Rise of the Tomb Raider takes you to Lara’s first actual tomb raiding expedition. As a survival action adventure, it’s almost a cinematic experience to boot, with incredible set pieces and locations.

“I’ll take the lift”

Sea of Thieves

This is a strange one for me to add to the list – I’ve played a little of this game, and what I have played, I loved. The only drawback is it’s better with friends; I’ve put Sea of thieves onto this list as a recommendation if you have friends to join you – Who doesn’t want to sail the seas in a pirate ship, searching for hidden treasure, fighting skeletons and other pirates?

“You’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing an apron”

Those are just some of the great titles available with the Xbox Gamepass, that I would recommend. There are MANY more titles to choose from!

At time of print the Gamepass comes in three flavours;

The last of which is obviously for PC only, but many of the titles will play on PC as well as console.

So, the answer to the question, “Is it worth it”? Definitely, in my opinion. The choice is huge, and certainly value for money. If you think of any other titles worth playing, leave them in the comments box below!

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