I’m a bit of a marvel nut and every time a new netflix series is released I prepare myself for a weekend of binge watching. Well at least I used to until there were a few disappointments. I’ve now lowered my expectations slightly so at least it doesn’t always feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back by someone I’ve come to depend on!

In anticipation of Jessica Jones I thought I’d rank the netflix series thus far. Worst to best…. Here goes.

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7) The Defenders


This series should have just taken the best bits of every hero, chucked them into a short story that had a big threat to new York and let them be hilarious action heroes. Instead there was flat interaction, a bunch of sub par bad guys and barely any action. And when there were fight scenes it was just utter boredom and a lack of care due to a shit build up. They tried to cram in story lines so the heroes could meet up and interact but it was just a massive mess. I was expecting a series of avengers like episodes instead what I got was boring friends with powers.

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6) Luke Cage

By the way this finishes for me wayyy above Defenders but it has to come lowest out of the rest. The series wasn’t bad at all but there was definitely room to cut more out. They killed the best villain half way through the series and the ending was too much of a cliff hanger for me. I also think the practical effects could have been better….

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5) Iron Fist

I really didn’t hate this as much as everyone else did. I liked the villains and the surprising brutality in certain episodes. YES Danny was a entitled little bitch and he didn’t play the part that well, and YES he could have used his powers more convincingly and been more of a Bruce Lee mother fucker but the characters around him and the action n set ups really worked for me.

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4) Jessica Jones

Now this one I didn’t love as much as some others. I did thoroughly enjoy it and the story line was absolutely fantastic but there was just something missing for me. I think there were moments where the effects weren’t pulled off quite right and at time Jessica annoyed me but it was an original idea for TV and it had some great moments.

Yes I’m about to bum Daredevil’s universe…..

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3) Punisher

This series re-instilled my faith in the Marvel Netflix series and made me a happy man. I don’t think there was a moment where I was bored and MY GOD the brutality. Every time Frank was wound up, whether it be over 1 episode or 5 I couldn’t wait for the payoff of him smashing someone’s face. The brutal scene towards the end of the series was one of the most violent things I’ve ever seen and I LOVED it.

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2) Daredevil Series 1

Unfortunately start as you mean to go on wasn’t really a motto taken up by Netflix as this series made me rethink TV as I knew it. I hadn’t seen such an awesome, comic, focused-towards-adults series before and it filled me with much excitement. This made Ben Affleck’s terrible attempt at the character look even worse than imaginable and most definitely changed the super hero TV landscape. The only series to top it…

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1) Daredevil Series 2

MY god this series is near perfect isn’t it, and the truest ‘comic to screen’ TV series I’ve seen. It starts with an amazing DD/punisher crossover mini-series, which could be a movie in itself and then leads on to an amazing tale about Elektra, whilst still focusing around Matt and Foggy’s real lives. I really, really love this series and think it’s my favourite series of TV ever! Daredevil/Matt is definitely the universe’s strongest character and perhaps none of the others will be able to live up to this.