They say that in space, no one can hear you scream; that has been proven false after a few weeks of No Man’s Sky releasing as players are screaming “Why did I buy this game?!” and “I want a refund!!”. So, how did a game with so much hype lose over 80% of its player base in just one week?

Now let that sink in – OVER 80% of the player base in a single week.

To start, the game feels unfinished and is most certainly not what people were expecting on the day of release. If Hello Games released this game as an early access project, I don’t think Hello Games would be in the trouble they are in now, since players would expect an unfinished product. Hello Games have promised the game will be patched and updated, and hopefully over time become the game we were promised and handed over our hard earned cash for, but are these promises enough as so many people are trying to get their money back and washing their hands of this indie game cloaked in a triple A game price tag? Who can blame them when the hype on this game was so high but did not deliver.

For me, personally, and a large portion of the gaming community, the biggest issue was being lied to about the multiplayer aspect of the game – Yes, I know Hello Games said that finding another player would be hard due to the 18 quintillion planets, however, the idea of meeting another player in this vast universe excited me, but all we get is “Oh, you found a planet that someone has named Dingleberry!” or, “Oh, you found a creature called Big-Nosed Thing” – That is not multiplayer; that is a post it note.

So, do you think Hello Games can redeem themselves by updating the game over time, or have they lost the trust in gamers everywhere? Let us know in the comments below!