Every now and then I come across a podcast that I really enjoy listening to. But my main problem is that I can’t just sit around and listen to a podcast. I need to be doing something to keep me busy while I enjoy em’. So more often then not I find myself looking for “podcast games”. Games where I can turn off my mind but are engaging enough to keep me busy and let me listen to my podcasts for hours on end.

*This could apply to literally any other media other than podcasts. For example, music, TV Shows, Movies, or even Audiobooks. I just use the term, “podcast game” because it’s what I listen to most when it comes to playing these sorts of games.

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1) Rogue Legacy
This is the game that started it all. It was a boring summer vacation in 2013. I needed something to play on my Vita as my love for it was wavering so I just bought it on a whim. I was instantly hooked. The only other game I played that summer was probably Persona 4 Golden. And though I adore that game Rogue Legacy just had me in a trance. I probably have above 150 hours in the game as of now and even now I’m thinking of just starting a new file a doing it all over again.

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2) Bloodborne
Bloodborne is in my list of favorite games of all time. I never get tired of this game. The world, boss fights and gameplay scratch an itch that no other souls game has. So when I got to my 3rd or 4th play through I was getting a little burned out. And my solution was to listen to some podcasts. Before I knew it I was on my 8th or 9th playthrough. And I’m going through another as I write this! Though I would recommend playing it as it is for the first playthrough.

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3) Age of Empires III
There’s nothing better then getting a group of friends together and playing some AoE. Although AoE2 is preferred when playing a proper match. I love to play AoE III alone just to relax and take it easy. If you want a couple of hours to fly by just like that then this is the best game. Set the bots to easy and just take your time and enjoy yourslef as you build up resources and grow an army. It’s probably one of the more relaxing games to play when alone.

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4) DotA 2
I’ve had a rough relationship with DotA. At one point it was the only thing I would play. But as more patches came out the game just got more and more annoying. But at it’s prime I think it was something amazing. I still play now and again and it’s perfect for when you wanna waste an hour of your life. But it gets a bit more tolerable when you got something on in the background. It’s engaging enough to keep me playing for an hour but just annoying enough to make me stop after one game.

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5) The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
I play a lot of roguelikes, like, a lot of them. Mainly because they’re probably the best genre of games to play when listening or watching something in the background. The Binding of Isaac is no exception, not only is it a great game on it’s on merits but I’ve gone through so many hours just mindlessly playing it and listening to god knows how many podcasts. The game is addicting, rewarding and there’s also something new for you to discover. And with the new expansion Afterbirth+ you can get out so any more hours out of this game.