Wow who would’ve guessed that I would review pure filth again?

So let’s keep this plain and simple alright?

Once again I have been told by the Old Gods that I need to review pure anime smut garbage trash fires in order for the human race to continue living. So… You’re fucking welcome guys.

But anyways, this is one of those goddamn visual novels where you have to romance a cute anime lady… Or your little sister… And it’s really fucking boring – Who could have foretold this tragedy? I don’t know. Every time I play a game like this, a part of me dies, and that’s really fucked up because these kinds of games made me lose my shit in laughter not too long ago. Saying that, though, I do have my occasional bursts of absolutely pissing myself at this horrible horny garbage… But I can only withstand so much.

This game is a pretty basic romance; one of those where you meet a large breasted anime girl… Or your sister, and proceed to mash X and read boring, raunchy dialogue until you get choices, and then you mash X again for more dialogue that is pure filth… But then you find out that there is something much more sinister going on in this game’s story.

Yes, that’s right, the beginning chapters will bore you to death, but after a bit, you’ll find out that you have to fight monsters and stop some kind of virus or some shit, which is cool enough to get a, “Hmm” out of me but nothing else. So fighting monsters is a thing and it’s brought to you by a rhythm game which is a cool change of pace for a game where all you do is press the X button to read more… But then you realise it’s easy, and boring, and funnily enough, skippable! Which is cool I guess if you just really couldn’t give a shit.

In terms of visuals, the game looks alright to be fair. It has a very generic ecchi anime art style, but what makes this game kinda interesting is that the art assets are actually super animated throughout the whole game so it adds some kinda spice to the otherwise static portraits of other VNs… So as they’re more animated they’re more… Uh… Bouncy? Which is cool I guess. Guys, I’m so fucking done with these kinds of games that I can’t even enjoy anime tiddies anymore. This isn’t a review it’s a cry for help someone – Please send me soup.

Okay back to the video game. So it’s pretty much expected by now with the genre, but this game has branching paths! If you wanna replay this filth again and try to get a different ending, or a different partner, or I dunno pursue a weird incestuous totally-not-normal relationship with your sister, then you’re covered, but whatever floats your boat man; I don’t really mind. As long as you don’t choose the sister. I will call the cops.

Also, I’ve talked about the sister enough so let’s talk about the other characters, shall we? Well for starters they’re all generic cookie cutter ecchi anime stereotypes, and secondly, they have large proportions if that wasn’t clear enough – they got phat phuckin tiddies – you have your tsunderes and your airheads and whatever, you get the gist. Just go for the one with short hair if you’re a man of culture.

So Song of Memories is just another fucking visual novel where I get too bored to finish it, but play enough to really let the self-hatred seep through. I can’t fathom anyone paying money for this, but if you did, good on you – I hope you enjoyed. The coolest things about this game are the animated portraits and the rhythm game… But even then, the rhythm game gets tedious and annoying so you just end up skipping it most of the time anyways.

In conclusion, play a better smut game like Senran Kagura or… Nothing else because this genre is trash!

I give Song of Memories a:

3.0 / 10