Hello once again! Robert here again with my Top 10 Games 2016!


10) Overwatch
This game is an amazing mix of Pixar Animation meets traditional deathmatch FPS’s. From the expanded comics, to the short backstory films, Blizzard have really hit the nail on the head with this title. The whole feel of the game makes you feel like a super hero constantly, from the gameplay to the various Ultimates the varied cast can pull off. Whether playing as a hyper-intelligent ape, cyborg ninja or a flying Buddhist android, you’re having a blast.
no mans sky review image
9) No Man’s Sky
I know that some people thought the release was a little disappointing. But the free range just to fly and explore is unparalleled. Also with the new expansion coming soon this is a game to watch. It’s something that’s never really been done before I think it will bring people back to it with this new content.
8) Along the Edge
You can see my full review elsewhere on this website, in short this is a gorgeous RPG/Graphic novel. It explores the areas of life choices, magic, love, loss and destiny. I was seduced by his game and played it several times through. Well worth checking out, this games deserves to be played – Definitely put it on your wishlist.
7) Firewatch 
This is not your normal first person adventure…It’s got mystery adventure elements and a beautiful cinematic art style blended into a fantastic experience. For something that is a little off the normal track take a look at Firewatch. The story is the king here; Pulling you onwards, you’re always intrigued about what’s around the next corner. The makers have made a gem of an experience that deserves more awards.
6) Mini Metro
This game is so addictive, it’s got a simple art style and great game play that hooks you from the beginning. The music really keeps you relaxed and in the right mind space for this casual yet addictive mobile game. It just made it’s debut to iOS but still worth checking out on Mac and PC.
5) Invisible Inc.
Spies, isometric layout, stylized art yes please! I normally don’t do in for single player games but this one intrigued me and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s plays like an isometric version of Monaco, stealthy until everything goes wrong and explodes. Being able to rotate the map really helps change things up.
4) Steamworld Heist
I loved Steamworld Dig, so Steamworld Heist, which aims to keep within the same universe was an immediate hit with me. This game brings more of this steampunk and tongue in cheek humour. It’s a platformer built around steampunk robots and turn based combat. I’m usually against turn based action, but with ricocheting bullets and a vast variety of gun customization this game pulled me in.
3) Absolute Drift: Zen Edition 
This game is both the most frustrating and most rewarding racing game I’ve played. It’s awesome when you pull off those turns but man you have to practice a lot. It’s simple art style helps to focus on the music and the smooth drifting. It’s not held back by trying to recreate famous tracks or cars definitely check out if you’re a racing fan.
2) Total War: Warhammer 
I’ve been a fan of the total war series from the beginning. This game is no exception, dwarves, zombies, massive battles what else do you need? It combines two of favorite franchises the Warhamner games have been hit and miss so far. But this one definitely falls in the hit category. For years I’ve been a fan of the fantasy side for year and this game captures it perfectly.
1) Bastion (XBOX release)
This is a beautiful game with a perfectly narrated voice over. With a silent main protagonist the narration really compliments this perfectly. Even the level design is unique the tiles fly up from underneath. The path seems to float in mid air, it’s a strange look at first but it grew on me. I came to appreciate i felt like a sky captain as I built up my flying base.
Do you have any fond memories of last year’s titles? Let us know down in the comments below!
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