The Honkai Impact 3rd team announces that the action title is releasing v7.4 Invitation to the Mad Banquet on APR 25! Captains will be able to meet the brand-new S-rank battlesuit, Thelema Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer, and feel the unique charm of the beautiful and proud Lady Thelema.

Besides the new in-game content, there is more excitement outside the game! Honkai Impact 3rd is officially launching on Mac starting from APR 25. The game can hit a max refresh rate of 120Hz, and fully supports various control modes like keyboard and mouse, as well as controllers!
Following the previous plot, Captains have already witnessed how Thelema used fear to subdue servants who came to her with ulterior motives a hundred years ago, as well as her first acquaintance with Songque. This time, a century later, Dreamseeker, along with a couple companions, are temporarily unable to reconcile with “”Lantern””, one of the Seven Shus. To divide the two bubble universes again, they will head to Thelema’s Masquerade Corridor and awaken her as the Shu of Pleasure.

The new Thelema Mad Pleasure: Shadowbringer is a MECH-type S-rank battlesuit. She can attack quickly, while boasting a rich combination of moves. Her chained blades create beautiful arcs from her hands while dealing Ice DMG. When facing long ranged enemies, the chains connected to the blade handles can extend as needed to deliver more powerful attacks. Additionally, Thelema can wield her chained blades to deal damage mid-air, pulling distant enemies closer and knocking them down. Under the veil of elegance and beauty, she’s wild and unrestrained. Now, with Lady Thelema’s permission, come and indulge in the banquet!
After the v7.4 update, three new areas will be open in the Langqiu map. Players will have to take on several challenges to get through. Beyond monsters and battles, there are also areas that put Captains’ wits to the test. The version event will feature an invitation contest called Flying to Oxia. By swapping game pieces, Captains can connect three or more identical game pieces in a row to eliminate them and attack the enemy, together with Dreamseeker, Senadina, Songque, Helia, and Coralie. Each character has unique skills and attack styles that match different situations.
By clearing the event stages, Captains can earn bountiful rewards and Sugary Starburst’s outfit Fuzzy Pink Love! Fu Hua is also getting a new outfit – Fenghuang of Vicissitude’s outfit Crane of Taixuan, that has a long hem and crane wing shaped sleeves, reminding others of her past as a Celestial.
In FEB 2024, Honkai Impact 3rd launched its Part 2, embarking on a new adventure on Mars. Ever since its debut, the game has been continuously winning an international following, while constantly bringing an exhilarating and immersive experience to all fans and players. Honkai Impact 3rd will continue to support PC and mobile cross-save in the future, and also will be available on Mac starting from APR 25.
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