First off I want to say I don’t like football or cars…However when you put these two things together, you get nothing short of lightning in a bottle!

Playing this game I wondered how any game could be so much fun and at the same time take me to places of such desolation. It feels like driving a remote control car around a pitch after a football, and you can’t say you didn’t consider trying that as a kid, despite some minor physics-based issues with real life…That’s properly why I find it so much fun, it appeals to the 10 year old in me who just wants to drive that car as fast as possible; even when you’re losing, you’re having a hilarious time doing it regardless.

There are not many games that you can scream goal at the top of your voice with such joy and not have everyone in the room stare at you in a bizarre fashion; the elation of scoring a goal in this game is just tremendous. You never have to wait that long for a game either as the player base is massive and it is no locked by region or format, and are all committed to making this game survive as long as possible. I regularly face PS4 players which really helps to expand the score of who will be playing this game, however both Xbox One and PC both have extremely large and dedicated communities.

For those who don’t know, the objective in Rocket League is to score as many goals as possible with your team, but you do it in cars with rockets attached to the back. Simple as that. You can also flip, jump, and drive along the ceiling for added verticality, allowing you to score and save goals even in midair! You do this by means of controlling your car with precision and skill, however when that usually fails in my case I just boost towards to the ball and hope for the best. It’s a game that is easy to learn and hard to master, but open to some amazing shots and saves.

While driving around you can pick up power ups by driving over them on the pitch. There are several special ones that give you 100% boost that allows you to boost for around 4 seconds. Be aware though as this can easily be used up quickly for a burst of speed! The maps don’t really have much difference between them, however. Don’t get me wrong the level design is beautiful and unique, with one arena set in a cyberpunk arena and the next in ancient gardens – It’s just that other than minor terrain changes, there’s not that much variety…

As expected, Rocket League comes with a large array of differing game modes:


  • 1v1 – Traditional 1v1 format, allows you to test your skill against another skilled player.
  • 2v2 – Again, simple 2v2 battles; the perfect match with a buddy!
  • 3v3 – The default gamemode when you boot up the game – 3v3 offers a very well balanced challenge.
  • 4v4 ‘Chaos’ – The largest type of lobby available, 4v4 is exactly as it sounds. Chaos.
  • Hockey – Pretty self explanatory; Hockey sets you up on an icy field with a flattened hocky puck – The change in physics is great!
  • Hoops – Basketball rather than football with cars; whilst the physics are identical to regular footie, you have to deal with a floating goal.
  • Ranked 1v1 – Allows you to gain ranks and ascend local and global leaderboards.
  • Ranked 2v2 – Same as Ranked 1v1!
  • Ranked 3v3 – Also same as Ranked 1v1!
  • Rumble – The most recent gametype…Rumble sets you up in a 3v3 Mario Kart-style match with a range of odd powerups that manipulate players and the ball.

Personally I think that the best experience can be found in good ol’ 3v3; this is because you have one player to distract or knock the opposing team out of the way, one player to cross the ball and the other to score the goal – Of course if things go badly you could always use someone in defence, change up tactics, or all go on the offensive and execute a beautiful and epic team goal!


Rocket League, being the huge hit that it is has plenty of customisable aspects of each different car, from the aerial toppers, the paint pattern on the car, stickers/paint stripes and splashes. Even the exhaust trail when you boost; if you want portal goo, rainbows or pixel pulses flying out the back of you car you got it!

They have even bought the rights to use the new Batmobile design, Twisted Metal truck, and the Delorean from Back to the Future, adding even more nostalgia to your play sessions! There are hats as well, similar to Team Fortress 2 with a variety of references and designs, from a bowler hat to a floating halo, a Worm from the game Worms, and many many more! This game has some serious personalisation on the cars, which means for the most part you won’t come across an identical car while playing. This helps you to feel more unique in this massive player base.

Overall, I’ve been having a blast with Rocket League, and can’t believe I missed out on this craze for so long!

Have you been addicted to Rocket League? Let us know below!!