Easter’s bank holidays are, for some, a time to go around hunting down chocolate eggs in the back garden with your kids… But for us guys at Respawning, it’s less about getting chocolate on our controllers and more about the games! Four days off uninterrupted leaves a lot of gaming time after all…

So, to get in the Easter spirit of relaxing and enjoying our favourite games, we thought we’d let you, our chocoholic readers, know what games we’re going to be sinking a few extra hours into!!


Halo 3 Multiplayer

This Easter’s going to be taken up with a return to one of my old loves, Halo – Not just the original titles, however, but the passionate fan project Halo Online, which brings the original Halo 3 experience to the splendour of PC – Fit with server browsing, a lively community and custom maps and game modes galore! I’ve had a lot of nostalgic feelings towards the franchise as of late, so it’ll be good to return to my online gaming roots…

Other than that, I’ll be playing through Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Switch – I’ve just completed the first one for the first time and geez it makes me want the Devil May Cry HD Collection on Switch SO BAD. I just need more hack & slash goodness in my life!!


Long time no see huh guys? Well with the release of Ni No Kuni 2: The Revenant Kingdom, I have been obsessed with this game and  after already clocking in over 20 hours I am pretty invested in it. To some this might seem like an unpopular opinion, but for me the first Ni No Kuni was pretty bad in my eyes and I felt as if I needed to force myself to play… But now with The Revenant Kingdom I am finding myself enjoying it a lot more; sure it may be super easy and at one stage my level 30 characters could easily beat a level 50 dragon, and yes some of the story quests do feel a little bit samey… And with it’s change of having no familiars to having these cutesy ittle bittle Higgledies (Which are totally adorable), I am still having a great time.

But not only am I having a blast with the game, but out of all the collectors items I have gotten over the years I will have to say this… Ni No Kuni 2: The Revenant Kingdom has one of the most beautiful and well presented collector’s editions out there with it’s Kings Edition, coming with not only a gorgeous steelbook but also a music box that plays the main theme, a vinyl with a sleeve that has a pop up image of the main characters Evan, Roland and Tani, and an artbook detailing all the monsters and characters with concept art as well contained inside. Ni No Kuni 2 came out at the right time to enjoy this wonderful game on the Easter break


I’ve been playing three things the last few days. Overwatch, as usual: Brigitte has proven to be an amazing addition to the roster. Her ability to heal, add armour, and medium range melee is amazing – nothing better than throwing your mace out and more or less headshotting them. Guess we’ll see if the anniversary event brings her (or Moira) anything good! Probably not though – even poor Doomfist still has near nothing all this time later.

Also played through a visual novel by the name of The Pirate’s Fate. It’s a three-four hour tale, with eight main paths and multiple variations; you lead Mila, an anthro puma, and the Dread Pirates as they try to find magic coins that’ll allow them to reshape the world to their will. Was surprised that  some decisions really mattered – early on, you can actually kill off what’d otherwise be main cast members, which was cool. Got to appreciate games where your choices actually do something.

Finally, I’ve also been getting back into an old classic: Tomb Raider. First played it years ago on the PlayStation, and giving the PC version a go right now. Modern Tomb Raiders could learn a thing or two from this one in the puzzle department. Honestly, I think the last location I actually enjoyed in a contemporary Tomb Raider game was King Arthur’s Tomb from Legends. Gamers want challenge, not just shiny graphics.


Unfortunately I’m going to be spending most of this Easter weekend in a well known chicken shop just outside of Leeds. But, while I’m not there, I will most defiantly be getting my game on. It’s going to be a bit of a mixed bag for me, some games just for chilling out with, probably RuneScape for that, and maybe a little bit of Siege with the boys if there online.

But I will also be playing some Mad Max again as a refresher for what should be a pretty good article, keep an eye out for that. I’m also going to be playing a bit of a game on PC called Software Inc. It’s currently in pre-alpha, but it getting regular updates and there’s loads of communication between the developer and the community about what’s happening. So while I may have a busy easter break, I encourage you to take a break and have fun, and most of all, play lots of games.


I’ve actually got a pretty busy Easter weekend so I probably won’t be playing as much as I want to… Saying that I have just completed Power Rangers Mega Battle as it was a fiver in the Easter sale, it’s really not that bad and a good bit of fun. Completed in about 3 hours.

I’m definitely going to get back on Kingdom Hearts 2 this weekend as I want to play all the Kingdom Hearts games before 3 comes out, and I’ve a got a way’s to go! If I have the time I’m also going to sink some more time into Skyrim VR as its actually really good when I bother to put it on.

There’s also a very good chance that me and the better half will have some more 2 player fun on Knack 🙂