So the long awaited No Man’s Sky has finally been released! Has it lived up to the hype with 18 Quintilian planets and unique wildlife? Or should No Mans Sky remain just that?


The game is simplistic at its core; mine resources to upgrade your equipment such as your Ship, Mining gun and Exosuit. There is also a mechanic to sell the resources for units (No Mans Sky’s form of Currency) in the Galactic market which is then used to purchase other resources or buy new space crafts from the games more intelligent alien species.

At the beginning of the game, most of your time will be spent managing inventory systems but moving items from the Exosuit to the spacecraft, It would be advised to upgrade the Exosuit and spacecraft in this area early on to avoid the annoyance of running out of space every few minutes.


We move on to the game play of No Mans Sky, Console gamers are probably experiencing the best of this that the game has to offer, however if you are playing on a PC like myself then you have probably been plagued with the (more than usual) day one issues from framerate drops to full on game crashes.

It would appear that Hello Games really pulled an “Arkham Knight” with this one and the PC port is just not acceptable at this stage.

There is no denying that the scale that Hello Games have achieve with No Mans Sky created an impressive game.


I personally haven’t been as excited for a game from E3 in a very long time but I find myself increasingly frustrated and disappointed due to the poor PC port and lack of direction that the game has taken. With this in mind, I struggle to justify the price tag that Hello Games have given this ambitious title.

Stay tuned to Respawning for our updated thoughts as we move forwards to a much more stable game.


4.5/10 On PC

6.5/10 On Console


Reviewed by Punklad