Holy moly Guybrush Threepwood (Mighty Pirate)is returning to monkey island THIS YEAR!!! Ron Gilbert is making a new monkey island I honestly never thought I’d see the day, ever since Disney took over Lucasarts they only wanted one pirate themed property and it was the adventures of Mancomb Seepgood that’s for sure.

Earlier today a trailer was released for Return to Monkey Island a direct sequel to Monkey Island 2 LeChucks Revenge and is apparently ignoring the absolutely brilliant Curse of Monkey Island and then the tell tale games that no one ever talks about that are actually fun but not good, but we have a game written by Ron Gilbert and produced by Lucasarts and Devolver so this should be a blast. I for one am so excited to get my rhyming duels on and only get a t-shirt to show for it… also Murray the Evil Skull is in it and that is only a good thing.

No news on what console it will be on but i really hope this means we get rereleases of all the original games on all consoles and this game hits all consoles too. Below is the trailer.

Have a great day and don’t forget to be nice to each other.