Welcome to Respawning’s new regular feature, Club Articles! These articles have been created as a way of all us guys getting together every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and generally waffling on about whatever takes our fancy! Today we’re pulling up our blankets, getting our wooly jumpers on, eating a dozen cinnamon rolls and sipping on mulled wine… Here are the games or systems we’re most anticipating in our Christmas stockings!


Ironically, it’s not really games I’m looking for so much in my stocking this year, but rather some new PC parts to upgrade my rig! Having been on an i5-4690k and an LGA1150 board for a few years now, I’d love to be able to make the jump to Coffee Lake… That way I can offload all my old parts into a separate PC! Back on the subject of gaming, though, two games I’d especially love to see in my stocking are the new Okami re-release on PS4, and NieR Automata…

Okami’s always been a game close to my heart, and, especially having never been able to complete it personally, I’d love to be able to join Amaterasu one last time in an adventure that’d close the book on Okami for at least the next few years for me – That, and the game’s already gorgeous on PS2, so imagine what it’d look like on PS4! I’ve already played a decent portion on PC through emulation at settings around 6x the native PS2’s resolution, so as long as it’s near that, I’ll be one happy chappy!

NieR Automata’s also a weird one for me – Whilst I’d love to see this in my stocking on December 25th, I do want to wait a little bit longer for the rerelease of NieR Automata’s “Black Box Collector’s Edition”; I mean, come on! That 2B statue’s too good to pass up! The natural collector inside me’s especially craving this, so only time will tell…


I’ve been fortunate enough to play a lot of the games I’ve desired this winter. And I’ve taken my off the ball with games I’ve missed due to my backlog of games. I definitely wouldn’t mind getting some new VR games such as Skyrim and Doom as I’ll have the time to put into them over the Christmas break. Speaking of games I’ll have time for I’d also love to play NieR with my free time as I’ve only heard good things.

There also things that I’d like to play but don’t want to spend money such as Battlefront 2 and a Nintendo Switch (but no ones spending that sort of money on me)…

As far as gaming over Christmas though I’ll most likely just be putting time into games I’ve neglected on the VR and normal. Namely Shadow of War and Skyrim VR.


Yeah so last week I was rating Shadow of War a fantastic 9/10 but since hitting act 4 this promptly returned to my shelf in sheer disappointment.

LUCKILY I have been sent A Walk In The Park this past  week which has enabled me to get back into the fantastic “The Surge” and fire  up my NG+ save to take a look at the Creo world themed DLC. So far I’ve played about 8 hours of my NG+ and I am starting to fully believe I suck at games as I’ve  BARELY made it to the dlc alive  (the press  notes predicted it would take 45 minutes to get there…

As for Christmas I plan on getting deeply invested in a package… Franks Big Package to be exact and hear those Zombies singing a ring ding a ling a ling do. It was a festive joke… Sorry.

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