The final station was a breath of fresh air to me, as I am a huge fan of indie games with a retro look, and boy did this game look gorgeous! You can tell a lot of care and attention went in to its many sprites and level designs; this is always a big plus for me in indie games as many seem rushed and unimaginative.

Final Station 3 scenes gif

The gameplay itself is very simple in nature, which was perfect as I found the shooting and taking care of survivors and the train itself to be just minor things, there to keep me occupied whilst I was trying to piece together the story, and watching the beautiful scenery go by – I really struggled to put this game down after it hooked it’s claws in, and was a visual and auditory heaven for every second.

The main character is a train conductor, just going about his work when a strange attack happens which causes people to turn in to blood firstly killers. With all the city’s being shut down, your objective is to transport an important cargo, and the survivors you pick up on your way, to your destination whilst trying to survive.

final station gif walking

The main goals are pretty standard; each city you arrive in requires you to find a code for the train blocker, which will allow you to move onto your next destination – As you explore the various areas, you will find resources, survivors and the infected; one word of advice, try not to waste bullets as they are few and far between. You will also need to maintain your train as you travel between cities.

Overall, The Final Station is one of the few games that has actually left me satisfied at the end of it – As a single player, story driven game, it does not follow the fads of other indie game titles; the core concept of the game itself was well thought out and executed well. As short as the game is it does evoke some emotions, and if you are just wanting a fast passed shooter, leave now as the first 30 minutes are a slow burn that sets up a great story.

final station train gif long

I would most certainly recommend this game to anyone, but I would have to say it’s best to wait till it hits a sale on steam, even though I loved this game I think the price point is a little high; for that reason I’m giving this game 8/10

This game is also available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Check out their Steam page The Final Station  and Trailer below!