With FINAL FANTASY XIV: Shadowbringers on the horizon, let’s join Colin as he dives in and looks at some of the newest content added to FINAL FANTASY: Stormblood.

FINAL FANTASY XIV has finally added their part of the FINAL FANTASY XIV x FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration four months after Garuda came blowing into the world of Eos.

As you would expect from any collaboration event in a massively multiplayer online game, there are plenty of rewards to earn – The most notable reward here is the Regalia, the car which Noctis and his friends used to travel across the world of Eos. The Regalia in itself is a big deal with it being the first four-person mount in the game and can fly, complete with the transformation animation where the Regalia converts into an airship; thankfully you can’t crash in XIV!

Let’s not forget the other rewards, you get access to Noctis’ outfit and hairstyle, and for any Triple Triad lovers out there, you can get a 5 Star card of the Prince himself.

The event starts in Ul’duh (X:8.5, Y9.7) where Kipih Jakkya, a name which I’m sure throughout my playthrough I have pronounced each time differently. The quest is called “The Man in Black” and “The rumor mill is spinning, and Kipih Jakkya needs the help of an adventurer to uncover the truth for her latest article.”

The requirements to be able to undertake “The Man In Black” are that you’ve got a job which has reached level 50, and has completed the MSQ (Main Story Quest) for A Realm Reborn. If you haven’t reached that point yet, it’s okay. The event is going to be around till the 27th of May.

What’s most noticeable is that Kipih Jakkya is an NPC we’ve interacted with before during the FINAL FANTASY XIII event, Lightning Strikes, where Lightning and Odin found themselves in Eorzea back in 2013. If your character has completed this event, she will briefly mention that you’ve crossed paths before.

Overall this is an excellent addition to FINAL FANTASY XIV and is a great send off for FINAL FANTASY XV as there are no further DLCs planned for the title. Once you’ve completed the event, you’ll have Noctis’ full outfit and the option of purchasing the Regalia, Hairstyle, and Triple Triad card from an NPC in the Golden Saucer.

Why not go and check out our playthrough of A Nocturne for Heroes over on our YouTube channel, where Colin has narrated the whole event? Sit back and enjoy.