Baron Samedi, the Voodoo deity of life and death, has burst onto the scene in Hi-Rez Studio’s smash-hit MOBA, SMITE. The Baron was first teased a month ago when Hi-Rez announced him alongside Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes. The jovial Baron brings a host of powerful abilities to the fight, detailed below:

  • The Baron’s passive, Hysteria, is a stackable debuff applied whenever the enemy is hit by Baron Samedi’s abilities or auto-attacks. Additionally, Baron Samedi and his teammates have access to a unique chalice item, which grants superior healing-over-time when compared to a health potion.
  • Baron Samedi’s first ability, Vivid Gaze, fires two intersecting beams from the corners of his hitbox. Enemies hit take hefty damage and have 10 stacks of Hysteria applied, or 20 if struck by both beams. If targets struck are above 30 Hysteria when struck, they suffer a 30% penalty to power and attack speed.

SMITE Baron Samedi

  • Baron Samedi’s second ability, Consign Spirits, is a ground-targeted AOE which inflicts high damage and applies 20 Hysteria stacks on targets caught in the blast. In addition, if an enemy player is caught in the blast, the Baron and his nearby allies are healed for 15% of their max health. If an enemy above 30 Hysteria is struck, the blast also boosts the movement speed of the healed gods and removes negative statues like slows and stuns.
  • The Baron’s third ability, Wrap It Up, is a devastating single-target slow. The enemy struck is slowed to a crawl, rooted after one second, and gains 40 Hysteria stacks. In addition, if the enemy struck is at 30 or more Hysteria, Wrap It Up can chain to nearby enemies.
  • Baron Samedi’s ultimate, Life of the Party, makes Baron Samedi immune to CC as he leaps atop of his coffin and drags foes in using dark Voodoo magic. Enemies caught in the cone gain Hysteria for every .33 seconds they are in it, and the first enemy to be dragged into contact with Baron Samedi is stunned and takes a ton of damage.

For more details about Barn Samedi, Voodoo Master of Life and Death, check him out here or go play Hi-Rez’s SMITE for free!