Yet again, I’m here to talk to you about another Early Access game! Honestly, I can’t get enough of them; just seeing a game evolve over the months you play it because of a passionate community and a dedicated development team is truly a beautiful thing.

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‘Watch This!’ Is a single player puzzle-platformer with parkour elements similar to Mirror’s Edge, and a touch of horror for good measure! I have to say, the guys and girls at Civil Savages have done a great job with this game – It looks up-to-date with today’s current graphics, for which are superb for an indie title that is still in early access.

The game’s main plot revolves around the theme that you’re a contestant on a truly messed up reality TV show, having to make your way through a space station that has been rigged with death traps and monsters (If you’ve seen that one episode of Doctor Who with Christopher Ecclestone, you’ll feel right at home!), where the aim is to survive and collect coins and keys, to allow you to escape this nightmarish place that you have chosen to be in, and win the show.

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The atmosphere to this game is truly beautiful, with everything from the sounds of the metal floor clanking as you run, to the huffs and puffs of steam and pipework really give you that space station feel, mixed with the sounds of the saws buzzing and monsters screeching, the game really makes you feel a bit uneasy about the next move you make – This doesn’t help, however, when the game has some randomly generated parts, meaning you cant just memorise your route each time you play – I wouldn’t say this game is scary, but the way it’s portrayed and drums up that feeling of tension does give you a sense of vulnerability and helplessness.

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So the question is this – “Would I recommend this game?”

Personally, yes, I would – Not just because of it’s low price, but because of the developers’ ability to make a visually and auditorily stunning game that has so much replayability, which can only get better through its Early Access lifecycle. I cannot wait to see this game mature into an amazing indie title, even though as it stands it could be released tomorrow, for all I care, and I would still be more than happy with the end product.

Overall I’m going to give this game a cheeky 9/10 for being a truly beautiful Early Access gem.

Check out their Steam page here!
Watch This! Steam Page

Also don’t forget to check out the trailer below!