One Finger Death Punch is a prime example that minimal graphics and basic controls doesn’t mean a bad game and for this gem of a beat em up it works to its advantage

The game play is difficult to say the least. Despite only using 2 buttons (left and right mouse buttons) as you advance through the main story mode you will get a huge variety of levels with different challenges each testing your timing and reflexes.

It is definitely not as easy as it seems, there are some levels where the rhythm slows down and really throws you off meaning you might miss a hit (missing will leave you vulnerable to attacks) trying to get the timing perfect is truly a challenge to master.

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I was extremely impressed by the magnitude of content provided with One Finger Death Punch including a multitude of enemy’s to defeat which range from simple one hit take downs to mob leaders that need a fancy combo to take down.

There is a healthy amount of weapons that are picked up making kicking ass that much better. Weapons in One Finger Death Punch can also be upgraded as you play through the story mode.

The artistic style to this game is very well put together, from the animated stick figure characters to destructible background items, One Finger Death Punch reminds of the many hours I spent playing web based flash games on Newgrounds or Miniclip but far more responsive.


The only downside to this game I would have to say is it is actually very hard even on the lowest level I have been stuck on a challenge having to repeat it several times to actually progress in the game but other than that I think One Finger Death Punch is stupidly fun, oozes personality and is truly captivating which I didn’t expect to enjoy as much as I have when all you are doing is pressing 2 buttons.

I highly recommend getting this game and give it a solid 9/10