I tried. I really did try.

I’m done. Never has a game infuriated me as much as Devil’s Hunt, to the point where I actually gave up on it before finishing it… And as such, this review is pretty short. Devil’s Hunt is an action adventure game from Layopi Games. It tells the story of a millionaire playboy that’s also an underground boxer – Due to circumstances spiralling out of control, mostly by his own fault, he commits suicide and is transported to Hell. It’s here where he makes a pact with the Devil, that if he hunts down a prodigal demon that has the ability to end the war between Heaven and Hell, the Devil will send him back to Earth. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? That’s the same mistake I made.

The problems began right from the start. The main character Desmond has all the personality of a scarecrow – I found it difficult to connect with him, to even care what happened to him. Couple that with the other characters in his life and his ‘unfortunate’ circumstances, and you find that the story really doesn’t pull you in.

…Then there’s the combat; a very linear affair, allowing you to only equip three forms of attack at any time – This leads to rather stale combat mechanics, and at later points in the game, against certain boss enemies, this very limiting system is highly frustrating against enemies that are completely unaffected by your attacks. This leads me onto the next BIG issue with Devil’s Hunt; the glitches and broken segments of the game.

At points in Devil’s Hunt, the game glitches out, causing enemies to pop in and out. At first, I thought this was a graphical error on my setup; I was wrong. This issue happens multiple times during my playthrough. There was also an audio issue where sound would disappear during conversations and cutscenes Then comes the most annoying and down-right game breaking glitch I’ve ever found in a game.

…At one point you are tasked with collecting an important item – This item allows you to level up your skills and equip a better attack to beat the boss at the end of the level… However, the game would not let me pick it up. I restarted the game multiple times, and still this persisted. I communicated this issue with the developers, and they responded with a list of known errors from the game and that a patch was in the works. At the time of writing this, no patch has been released.

Ultimately, Devil’s Hunt feels unfinished – The combat is infuriating and stupidly linear, and the story feels like an afterthought and never really pulls you in. That, and glitches destroy the experience completely.

I wouldn’t recommend this game, ever. Sorry to Layopi Games, but I’m not even going to score this game in its current state. Utterly terrible.

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