Well, my beautiful people – Here I am again with yet another early access game review! Yes, yes, I know you’re saying “Craig! For god’s sake not another bloody Early Access game!!” – I’m sorry, however, I honestly believe early access is the future of a world filled with brilliant, stable and technically impressive games; I mean come on, look at the likes of No Man’s Sky and Batman Arkham Knight – If they released those games as Early Access (Or spent more time in QA and testing), we wouldn’t be shunning them now for the technical messes that they were; we would of said “It’s okay – These games are in Early Access. It will get better just like Ark Survival Evolved or Subnautica!”

Right. Rant over. Review time.


Labyrinth combines RPG and Collectable Card Games to make a beautiful looking PVP experience the likes of which I have never seen. Now, I am not a huge fan of collectable card games such as Hearthstone, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, or Gwent, but with the way the developers at Free Range Games have combined other genres within this niche genre, caused me to really get stuck in, and was addicted very quickly despite me having no idea what I was doing at first – The game was trial and error due to the fact when I first started playing, there was no tutorial in place – Given this, however, at the time of writing this they have added an update to include this.


I really loved the way that the game allows you to create your own personal deck, it opens up a lot of free range and tactical planning to each deck you create – At the moment, cards are fairly limited, however once the game is out of Early Access, it will become Free to Play, with early adopters of the game being rewarded with 10 card packs to boost your deck for their money invested – This is what I think makes this game great, especially for people like me who love Early Access games where you are rewarded for being loyal, and being a founder for the game.

I think this game is onto a winner here, and I am very much excited about what will be included in future updates, as the game’s mechanics are spot on, and during my play through I never encountered any bugs. Labyrinth has a lot of very interesting, tactical gameplay, counting positioning, attack types, buffs, minions and cooldowns; the game most certainly has a lot of replayability given the number of characters, decks and battlegrounds to play with.


Overall Labyrinth is most certainly a game to look out for, and I would suggest getting it now and paying for it, despite the fact that it’ll become Free-to-Play in the near future, as you can then help fund and expand this great game, and make it the best it can be. I believe it has the potential to be an outstanding collectable card game which for me as a newcomer to the franchise to say, is truly something.

Im going to give Labyrinth a 7/10, which will mostly likely increase once more content is added to the game.

Check out the Steam Page here >>> Labyrinth Steam Page