We are just about half way through the current Steam Summer Sale. I have been picking up a bunch of treats for myself that I’ve never tried before. But what are the games and deals you should be looking out for? While the sale doesn’t have the excitement and hype it had years ago, there are still great deals to find. I’ll kick this small piece off with the one’s you should be getting, then the one’s I’ve gotten around to myself.

DOOM (2016) £9.99 [50% off]


Be ready to kill many many demons.

One of the biggest games of 2016, Doom packs a punch. A thrill ride from start to finish with some of the most fun single player action you will ever play. While the multiplayer is a bit of a filler, the campaign alone will make it worth it. Even if you’ve never played a classic doom, this game will have you screaming and ripping limbs in no time. For £9.99 it’s a gosh darn steal and needs to be experienced right away. Go add it to your Steam cart right now. Don’t believe my enthusiasm? Go check out Luke’s review here

Dishonored 2 £14.99 [50% off]

Shadow of Mordor GOTY £3.19 [80% off]

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY £17.49 [50% off]

Witcher 3

Geralt is one of most baddass main characters I’ve had the privilege of controlling.

Praised by many as the best RPG ever created. The Witcher 3 is a beautiful game created with the players experience in mind. A lot of people have been picking it up with no prior knowledge of the series. You should be doing the same, this is one of the best game’s I’ve seen. You’ll see this game topping the Steam top sellers list very often and for good reason. It’s hard to explain what makes the game so exciting but the 97% Steam rating should make it clear. Buy this game for your own sanity.

Prey £26.39 [34% off]  (You can find Luke’s review here)


Stellaris £17.49 [50% off]


Metro Redux Bundle £6.24 [75% off]

My Personal Picks

Xcom 2 £11.54 [67% off]

Steam Sale Xcom 2

It’s a pretty game as well as a thoughtful one.

Before the sale I had never touched an Xcom game and had no idea what to expect. I had seen the game gain some following since Xcom released a few years earlier. Xcom is a turn based strategy game focusing on Humans survival against an alien invasion. You’ll be creating custom characters and having them die on the field. When I had my self shot down by an ambush of aliens I knew it was my fault and that’s what the game makes clear to you. Play well and you’ll get everyone through it at the end of the day. I would recommend this for any first timers and those looking for a Nuzlocke challenge Pokemon style.

Rainbow Six Siege £20.99 [40% off]

Steam Sale Rainbow Six

You’ll find yourself in some stressful situations.

One of the most surprising gems of this sale, Rainbow six delivers a multiplayer experience I am excited to play every day. Featuring interesting multiplayer scenarios with a range of characters so the same cheap tactics can’t be reused each game. The level of skill can be very mixed as I personally end up dying and watching the better players battle it out. But when they do it’s really insane, most of the time someone pulls it back from a 1 v 3 and it gets the blood pumping. Truly a game for someone hungry for good multiplayer action.

I hope you enjoyed some of my picks on this list and buy them for yourself. There’s plenty to explore out there this summer so post away in the comments what games you’ve been picking up!