Do you ever lie awake at night and dream of working in an office? Or being a “world class” chef at a gourmet restaurant? Perhaps you just want to know what working is really like? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Job Simulator is your chance to experience it first-hand.

Available now on the HTC Vive, as well as soon to be Oculus Touch and Playstation VR, Job Simulator will be and has been many peoples first VR experience, due to it being a launch title for all three devices and originally shipping with the HTC Vive (However this is no longer the case and is now available on steam).

Pick your fancy of either a Mechanic, Chef, Office Worker or a Store Clerk. Each one has the same kind of play space, only requiring you to turn around on the spot to reach things. You are given very simple tasks from making a cup of coffee to making a pizza in an incredibly populated and interactive environment.


Without spoiling too much of what you are capable of, here is a small list of what I got up to in Job Simulator.

  • Made Wine, Cheese and Fire Extinguisher soup
  • Drank a cup of coffee creamer
  • Took a robot’s hat and wore it myself
  • Hired a new employee based on a good moustache

and much more!


Every single object in the game is able to be used in just about any way you can think of. This plus the cartoony physics makes for some seriously fun gameplay, want to throw an egg at someone? Do it. Want to take the wheels off someone’s car then charge them extraordinary amounts of money? Do it. How about eating a customer’s candy bar and then charging them triple the price! You can do that too! Your creativity is really the only limit.

However, the creativity is kind of shallow as no matter what you do, the reactions you get out of the game are the same. For instance, when painting a car, a nice hot pink will get you the same reaction as a cool blue, this brings me to the next point.

Replay-ability is not its strong point. The fun of the game comes from discovering what’s possible and don’t get me wrong, it has this in spades. Once I went through each Job though, I rarely felt like playing them through again.

So is Job Simulator worth it? I would say yes, I loved it. I can promise that you won’t have experienced anything like it before. Games like Job Simulator prove what virtual reality is capable of, the level of immersion cannot compare to any other form of entertainment. However, its replay-ability is something to keep in mind. Having said that Job simulator is one of the few games that kept me smiling from start to end.
So yes, I recommend it.