Chris’ Top 10 Hitman Locations – Part One
By Chris Lewis  /  December 11, 2018
Chris Reviews – Let’s Go! Eevee
By Chris Lewis  /  December 11, 2018
Javier Discusses – Spyro VS Other Platformers
By Javier Reyeros  /  December 9, 2018
Games Club: Smash Bros Characters we hope get added as DLC
By Respawning  /  December 7, 2018

Games Club: Christmas Games!

Yeah yeah, we have another club before Christmas yet but for that one, Luke has taken over for a...
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Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades Standalone Edition Now Available!

Journey with the Mysterious Miqo’te in the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Collaborative Quest Starting...
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Lady Yuna and her faithful Aeon Valefor join the roster in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Fan-favourite Yuna, the fifth downloadable character in the Season Pass for DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY...
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Chris’ Top 10 Hitman Locations – Part One

With the recent release of HITMAN: Season 2, I've been reflecting on my history with the...
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Chris Reviews – Let’s Go! Eevee

I love Pokemon - I've been there since the start, both in terms of the anime and the games, and to...
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TGA 18: ‘Mortal Kombat 11’

The title suddenly burst forth from the screen while the 'bets sport' award was being announced. The title appears to feature the return of weapon, as Raiden makes use of a polearm to execute Skorpion, before being killed by a second, more traditionally dressed...

VGA 2018: Pathless Revealed!

Developed by Giant Squid Studios Pathless is made by Giant Squid Studios the developers of Abzu. And so of course, this game looks absolutely beautiful Video credit goes to NRMgamingHD...

VGA 2018: The Outer Worlds

From the creators of the original Fallout and the developers of Fallout: New Vegas! Here comes a quirky, first-person RPG with a whole lot of personality! Check out the trailer here: Video credits go to GamersPrey...

VGA 2018: Scavengers Revealed!

A new studio, 'Midwinter' just unveiled 'Scavengers', a new FPS Survival Online game with a focus on teamwork and cooperation! It's basically Fallout 76. But somehow less interesting. Nice. Video credits go to GamersPrey...

VGA 2018: Hades by SuperGiant Games Revealed!

Supergiant Games the creators of Pyre and Transistor just revealed Hades! Looks like a very stylish beat em' up to us! And it's out now on early access. Credits to GamersPrey for the...

TGA 2018: Among Trees Revealed!

FJRD Interactive is working on a pretty looking game with whole lotta wildlife! It'll be available on Steam Early Access in 2019  

TGA 2018: Journey to the Savage Planet Revealed!

Developed by Typhoon Studios with help from Epic Games and published by 505 Studios It's an adventure game about exploring a hostile planet! No gameplay has been shown yet and will not be shown until later in 2019! Video...

TGA 2018: Sayonara, Wild Hearts! Announced for Switch

Sayonara; Wild Hearts, a new 'Album Game' for Switch, has been announced. The game sports a seemingly varied gameplay style and an electric-pop soundtrack; it seems each track of the soundtrack will be a new mini-game.

Will Reviews – Kenshi

I'm told this is great, but I just got arrested for being a robot. "Hey, Will, you like RPGs right?" Came the word from Javier when he sent me this code "Here, I think you'll really like this one"... I was not prepared for what continued. I'm months away from getting...

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