Alexx Discusses – Artists That The UK Needs To Pay Attention To: Part Two – Solo Artists

The UK is home to a lot of talent; a lot of talent that rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

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Will’s Armchair Designer: Overwatch quick take on Sigma and Role Queue

Sigma has been tearing up the Overwatch competitive scene, so how does our seasoned veteran Will feel about the character and new Role Queue?

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Clarissa Reviews – Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark, developed by 6 Eyes Studio managed to convert tactical RPG naysayer Clarissa to a full fan of the genre! Find out how in her review!

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Joe Reviews – Pew Paw

Enter the Gungeon clones are few and far between… Possibly for a good reason. Find out why Joe just couldn’t get his teeth into Pew Paw!

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Series’s based on She-Hulk & Moon Knight coming to Disney+

Disney just keep on smashing out announcements at D23! Kevin Fiege revealed that two more Marvel...
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Round up of Bandai Namco From Gamescom 2019!

With Gamescom on going heres a little run down of what Bandai Namco has in store for us! LITTLE NIGHTMARES II creeps on to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC First up we have the unsettling return of Little Nightmares with Little Nightmares 2...

Dea Reviews – Visage

Visage seems to take a lot of inspiration from PT, and absolutely runs with it – Find out why Dea is both absolutely horrified and infatuated with this hidden horror gem!

Final Look at RAD Ahead of Launch!

Check out the final trailer below of the surprisingly retro and surprisingly...well surprising, RAD! Featuring a new track just for the trailer “Remade Again”, by David Earl. Things are looking wild in this 3D Rogue like from Double Fine Productions and Bandi Namco!...

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