One of my favorite things to do is to get a bunch of friends together and have a good time playing some kind of party game or board game. Board games are super fun to me but they get old really, really fast and you’re not gonna play Monopoly after one match that’s for sure. And sometimes you really can’t get some people to play a board game for long.

One of my favorite games to play is Mafia. The goal of the game is to figure out who is on your team and who’s the Mafia and there are tons of variations on how to play it that add or subtract different roles such as Detective and Doctor and all that. But I played a super simplified version with just a Detective and the Mafia. It’s a game all about arguing and calling people out on their lies and bullshit. It’s super fun but also makes no sense at times and it just ends up being a screaming match.

In comes Secret Hitler, it’s Mafia but it makes a whole lot more sense and there are actual cool plays you can make. The goal of the game is similar to Mafia, you have two teams Liberals and Fascists. And in the fascist team you also have Hitler. Now Hitler is the most important person because there are two win conditions attached to him, one for the Fascists and one for the Liberals. The liberals goal is to win by either killing Hitler or filling up their board with Liberal Policies and the Fascists win if Hitler gets elected chancellor after three Fascists Policies have been played or if the board is filled with Fascist Policies. There’s a phase before the game starts where everyone closes their eyes and the Fascists and Hitler open their eyes to see who their team is (Hitler opening his eyes depends on how many players are playing.) Then the game begins and someone goes as President and they have to choose their Chancellor, the President then gets 3 Policies, they discard one and give the rest to their Chancellor. Depending on who is currently President and Chancellor some scummy shit is going to start going down where Fascists are definitely going to try to lie and force Fascist cards and Liberals are gonna try to force their Policies and while also trying to find out who is Fascist and mainly who is Hitler.

Those are just the main rules, there’s a fair amount of different variants and extra things you get depending on the number of players. And they all give you a ton of space to make some insane plays as a fascist especially since all of them essentially require you to play Policies on the Fascist board.

This game is just fucking nuts at times and I really can’t get enough of it, I recommend getting about 7-10 people since playing with 5 and 6 players can get a little boring. You can have 10 people max and I think that’s when it gets really hard and it allows you to use the Fascist board with all the bells and whistles attached to it so you can cause as much mayhem as possible. At first you’re going to play like an absolutely brain dead retard but a few games in or a lot of games in you’re gonna be public enemy number one and friendships will be tested harder than any game of Mario Party or Monopoly has ever seen.

The best part about this game is that the creators were kind enough to provide a printable version of the game for FREE. If you got some extra time and a couple of bucks on you I highly recommend you get this stuff printed onto stickers and card stock and make yourself a board game. To make stuff easier I’d recommend getting mainly envelopes and most of your cards and policies laminated so if your friends are wild animals like mine they won’t get too damaged. I also think that there are a bunch of colored and customized versions all over Reddit so taking a look at those could also be good if you wanna go all out.

Printable Rules and Pieces:

Trust me, or don’t, I might be Fascist scum. This is probably the best board game I’ve played. So get a bunch of friends together and get ready to absolutely fucking hate them as you try to find The Secret Hitler!