For my first venture into the world of reviewing movies I wanted to show off my favourites. This top 10 is made up of movies I absolutely adore for a multitude of reasons. This list will also not be in any particular order as I feel that would be too difficult to do so. Without further ado, lets get right into my list.

10. Hot Fuzz – The Corneto Trilogy 

Hot Fuzz

No luck catching those swans then?

Now I just want to get this out the way, I adore Edgar Wright. He is one of my most favourite directors and will be sure to appear on this list again. I didn’t want to pollute the list with different cornetto movies so I’m presenting Hot Fuzz as my favourite.  Hot Fuzz is a delightful comedic trip from start to finish. The British charm and humour that is ever-present is some of the most memorable in the last 20 years. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost work so well together that you’d think they were friends since birth. The story is insane while also showing some real humanity in the characters. Everything and everyone fits a role in the stereotypical village of Standford.

I have to recommend this movie to anyone, if you haven’t seen it before, then you’ll be quoting it for years. If you continue to watch Edgar Wright movies after this then you’ll begin to notice his style. He turns something like transitions into a work of art. Conversations will creatively cut to a relevant scene. Jokes are also used in a similar way, as a way to give clues to the overall plot. You’ll see this in the scene when Angel and Danny are watching some movies together. So please please please go and watch this movie.

9. Back to the Future

Movies - Back to the Future

You’re gonna see some serious shit.

Growing up I used to spend a lot of time at my grandma’s. Back to the Future was on every other time I went there. Watching shows like Doctor Who I became intrigued and excited at the concept of time travel. Back to the Future delivers a charming and fun experience that I couldn’t comprehend as a child. While I do love the entire series, nothing will beat the first for me with how it shocked me as a kid. Watching Micheal J Fox run around the 50’s is as life-like as possible. People don’t just time travel and know all the rules and Marty is no expect ion to this. One of my favourite things about the series is the visual poetry, as we see lines of dialogue repeated in different versions of time.

Christopher Lloyd is also just as interesting as a character, he’s mysterious and outgoing all at the same time. It’s because of these two actors that the characters stick with us for so many years. They’ve gone onto inspire creators down the line, anyone who’s seen Rick and Morty can surely understand the inspiration. I haven’t even mentioned the soundtrack, Alan Silvestri conducts a beautiful original score that I’m sure we all love. Then you have Huey Lewis and the News bringing Power of Love to the table and everything just feels ten times for fun. Overall Back to the Future is a gem of the past that we will remember in the future.

8. Logan

Top 10 Movies - Logan

So… this is what it feels like.

Logan was the biggest surprise for me this year. I adore Hugh Jackman in his Wolverine role and he always delivered on his performance even if the writing was sub-par. Logan isn’t particularly a super hero movie, it’s a movie about a fallen super hero. From the violent opening scene we understand where Logan is in life, he’s lost it all. The movie continues to take us down a path of redemption, hope and loss. As well as a wolverine story, this would also introduce Laura as the famous X-23 who kicks some major ass in this. You would expect a child to be a little bit forgiving but she’s just as mad as Logan himself.

The rest of the cast is just as awesome. You’ve got Patrick Stewart back as Charles Xavier and his relationship with Logan is beautiful. Logan has to play as the father figure to this older man who has essentially lost his mind. There is a deep level of care that we see both characters share and it’s very touching to see on-screen. Logan is the perfect example of how to send off a hero. It will leave you in tears or searching for the future. If you have any respect for the character or the actor, go see the movie.


7. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Movies - ESB

He will join us or die, master.

While I love the Star Wars saga as a whole, it’s easy to say there’s some not so good movies. However on the other side of the spectrum you have the original trilogy. My favourite of those films easily sits as The Empire Strikes back. Starting with one of my favourite battles on the planet of Hoth, the film takes us an a space adventure like no other. Featuring some Yoda training, an intense lightsaber battle, some space flight and much more. You just have to love the cast featuring Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford, truly legends of the sci-fi genre.

What puts Empire at the top of the saga is how dark and evil it is. Even the name of the film strikes fear to the rebel scum of the universe. The dark side is making moves and they are going to do everything in their power to stay on top. There’s also that last half an hour which has an exciting duel with the fearful Darth Vader. Then there’s also ‘that’ revelation that everyone knows, and that’s because it was crazy to suggest the bad guy was a relative to our main hero. Empire has heart, shock and intense battles for even the casual Star wars fan to enjoy. If you are gonna watch a Star Wars, at least watch Empire.

6. Shutter Island

Movies - Shutter Island

Which would be worse – to live as a monster? Or to die as a good man?

Shutter Island is an intense thrill ride from start to finish. The story of two men going to investigate an escaped mental patient turns into something truly horrifying and scary. To watch this film you need to understand it is not a horror in the terrible way we have come to know in the past few years. It is real human fear and control that makes you uncomfortable watching this. I’m trying not to say any details about the events of this film as it is one of those that gets ruined with any hints. You just need to know it’s a must watch.

Leonardo DiCaprio delivers an excellent performance as Teddy, our main man. Supporting him is Mark Ruffalo as Chuck, together you’ll see them go on an intense adventure together to uncover the truth. Shutter Island is masterfully directed and delivered to the audience in a sense that has you questioning everything you just saw. I’m so thankful I listened to my girlfriends recommendation to this as it really is one of the best films I’ve ever seen.

5. Monsters Inc

Movies - Monsters Inc

2319! We have a 2319!

Alright, I know I’ve fallen down a bit in seriousness here, but we all had that one movie we had on repeat every single night when we went to bed. Monsters Inc is the charming story about James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, two monsters who make a living by scaring children. It sounds a bit strange in writing but trust me it’s fun. By scaring children, their screams power the entire city, it’s some strange form of power I’m shocked we haven’t implemented ourselves. They believe humans are poisonous on touch, and unfortunately for them, they have one in their care.

Monsters Inc is a quotable story with many laughs and excitement. Mike steals the show when it comes to giggles, but Sully is the guy who reminds you how important caring is. He continues to care for the child even though his entire species is terrified of them. The movie was the first Blu-ray movie I ever laid eyes on, and the colours it brings forward make it a really pretty film to watch. If you ever want to feel like a kid, or just want to see a fun movie, then there’s always Monsters Inc.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

Movies - Guardians

You said it, bitch. We’re the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Marvel cinematic universe is one of the most successful movie franchises ever made. Bringing beloved hero’s to the screen in the form of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. However no body could have expected the Guardians of the Galaxy to become one of the biggest Marvel movies in the entire franchise. A team featuring a talking raccoon and a walking tree doesn’t always sound like the most badass thing in the world. However as soon as they are put on-screen together you just love them all so much. It’s not a team of super hero’s exactly, rather a band of misfits who rely on each other to get by.

There’s a lot going on that puts Guardians miles above the other Marvel films. One of those being the soundtrack that is present throughout. Being the fifth highest selling album of 2014 it left a smile on every viewers face and songs to be sang in the shower to this day. The film utilises the soundtrack not in the way of a music, but as a companion to the action. It exists to the characters on-screen as well as the audience at home, therefore we feel a shared experience with Peter Quill on-screen. Guardians is a great film and very enjoyable even for those who care not for the traditional superhero flick.

3. Iron Man

Iron Man Movie

Give me a scotch. I’m starving.

Way back when the MCU kicked off, we didn’t have a million heroes on-screen at once. But we did have solid introductions to the characters that would form the Avengers. Iron Man was the first that many of us saw and we didn’t know what massive cinematic universe it would spawn. If you told me that Iron Man leads to a massive fight against Captain America while Spiderman swings around Ant-Man I would not believe you. However I must admit since then I’ve become more engrossed into the comics of the Marvel Universe.

What makes Iron Man so delightful is Robert Downy Jr. A man so born to play Tony Stark that they might as well be the same person. He’s charming and witty and turns Iron Man from a 3rd grade comic character, into one of the most well-known super heroes of our time. The story delivers an amazing arc about our rich boy turned public saviour. While I was only 10 years old when the movie came out, I was fully engrossed in this character and it was one of the first stories I cared about. I can still go back and watch this film with tears of joy and love. Please watch this movie if you have any respect of what a heroes origin story should be like.

2. Emperors New Groove

Movies - Emperor

Oh, right. The poison. The poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco’s poison. That poison?

Okay there are movies you leave on repeat on the night, and there are movies you wish you could have on repeat the rest of your life. The Emperors New Groove is a delightful tale about a snobby emperor who turns into a llama. It works as a buddy comedy with some of the best quotes that I have the pleasure of knowing off by heart. It feels like one of those underrated movies that you can talk to anyone about. Like a subconscious feeling that everyone you speak to has seen this movie at some point, and if they haven’ then you’ll be the one to show it to them.

I love everything about this movie, from the jokes, the characters, the cast, everything just works. While Kuzco is funny he is a bit of an arse at times and you can put yourself in the other main lead of Pacha. He’s the sweet and innocent one that just cares about his family, serving as the audience in this fantasy world. Disney essentially makes Kuzco feel like Deadpool or Rocket Raccoon, someone who’s a bit of an arse but you love them for it. This is a masterpiece of animation and deserves to be watched a million times and then passed onto your kids.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Movies - Scott Pilgrim

Do you know this one girl with hair like this?

See I did say Edgar Wright would be popping up again. Scott Pilgrim feels like the only film here where I feel it fits the number 1 spot. I find myself re-watching the film multiple times a year for a multitude of reasons. There’s a very strange connection I make with the character of Scott, and the video game themes help immerse me even further. It’s one of those plots that sounds crazier the more you go into it. There’s this one kid who likes a girl, he asks her out one time, then he’s fighting her evil exes to the death to be able to continue dating her. It’s just very bizarre and amazing.

While I could see people not seeing my excitement towards this film, I know it’s not for everyone. For one, the character of Scott is a major dickhead and people like to root for the main character most of the time. But he’s a lovable idiot and says some enjoyable stuff. At the end of the day he is just human, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and life and just seeks happiness. He dates a high school girl just to get by and he makes mistakes by doing that. By the end of the film he’s living with his mistakes and goes on to accept a new life ahead. I’ve also read the graphic novels and they tell a more compelling and dynamic story, but Edgar Wright does his magic at making a remarkable live-action version.

Send Off

So that was my list, I wasn’t here to review or be critical of these films. I simply wanted to share some great stories I’ve picked up over the years and try give some detail as to why they mean so much to me. Hence why Monsters Inc and Emperors New Groove sit on here. They aren’t the most compelling, Oscar worthy movies I’ve ever seen but they sit with me and I’ll remember them for a very long time. It’s not a difficult thing to pick your favourite with anything. But I encourage you to share some tales that have stuck with you over the years as they show a lot about you. Hope you’ve enjoyed and decide to watch a few of these.