Yo yo yo shout out to myself for remembering to do this again this week. I’m back covering all the music I’ve been listening to over the past 7 days. There’s a lot of the same music so I’ll try to keep those artists to the minimum and just give them a shorter single track recommendation. So without further ado lets check out what’s been going on this week.

The Front Bottoms – Re-listening

The front bottoms are one of those all american indie rock bands. That’s immediately a turn off for some people, especially with those “whiny” vocals that these bands tend to have. However for me I’ve found the front bottoms to be one of the most exciting bands to listen to. They have some slow sombre songs but those ones are easily beaten out by the fast paced acoustic guitar you’ll be singing along to. It really does turn you into an American teen just yelling about getting stoned and goofing around. Again it’s not for everyone, but sometimes you need to have fun and I’ve been listening to their discography this week and it’s pretty solid all the way through!

Joji – New Song!

Admittedly joji is an artist I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with over the years. As far as lo-fi goes, joji is easily one of the most mainstream and well known artists. His soundcloud music was really great to me and kind of broke me into the genre, so to see him create an E.P was exciting. However overall his breakout In Tongues was a very meh experience for me, felt like there was no heart to it. However last week he released the new track Slow Dancing In The Dark, which to me is one of the better songs he’s made. It’s still not godlike or anything like some people expect to come from lofi music. However it’s pretty enjoyable to me and one I’d recommend.

BROCKHAMPTON – Still Listening

What can I say, these guys really are the best boy-band since One Direction. I’ve had a week with the newest album iridescence and stick by my score of around 8.5. However I made a new playlist containing all my favourites from their entire discography and been hyping over them with Salman. This has been a lot of fun and made me realise how many banger’s they’ve made over the past year they’ve been active. But I didn’t want to talk about them toooo much but it’s impossible to do so after they just reached #1 on the billboard album charts. A very big achievement for the hardest working boy-band in America.

Other Mentions

Here comes a lot of quick fire albums and tracks that you should check out! I’ve been listening to them after all.

Blink 182 – These boys used to be my favourite band of all time. I don’t really like the new stuff but some of these tracks are still absolute hype beasts. They’ll always have a soft spot in my heart.

Life Is Strange Soundtrack – Yeah yeah yeah I eat up all that sweet teen angst music so much. The songs in life is strange are all great to listen to for a range of moods. Especially if you’re a teen that says Hella a lot.

Twenty One Pilots – Okay so I might be loving this new Twenty One Pilots song, it would be perfect if he didn’t say go with you every other line but it’s production is solid and it’s a nice song.

I’ll see you all same time next week! I booked the Monday slots so that I can cover Sunday as a part of the last week as well, makes more sense that the week starts and ends on Monday you know! Hope you enjoy some of the tracks on here!