So I’ve decided to start another new weekly fiasco. Hey guys and gals, Josef here. Welcome to my musical roundup, where I’m going to be talking to you, all about music. This feature will include new music for the week, some other tracks/albums I’m listening to, as well as maybe some rediscovered classics. Let’s also keep in mind that this is also a game site so you will probably see a soundtrack pop up. The titles are going to be fairly clean with just the highlights about what to expect. We’ll dig further into the topics and more as we cross them. Let’s kick this thing off!

BROCKHAMPTON – iridescence

For those not familiar. BROCKHAMPTON is one of the most interesting groups around at the moment. They consist of Singers, Rappers, Producers, Artists and have over 10 members. Each members has such an interesting personality and they all bring something into the group. This album has been scrapped, renamed and conceptualized a million times this year. But the final product was recorded in around 10 days here in the UK. More specifically Abbey Road studios. I’ve been anticipating the release for a while now with the groups SATURATION trilogy making headlines for me earlier this year thanks to my little brother and Anthony Fantano himself. But how does iridescence hold up?

I’ve been listening to this properly now for a few days and it slaps hard. I didn’t feel like there was anything missing from this record. All the members came forward to prove that they could hold their own. Joba especially came out here just to save my soul. There’s some especially moving songs on here coming towards the end like TONYA. WEIGHT also comes out as one of my favourite BROCKHAMPTON songs I’ve ever heard. This is all super experimental and I absolutely adore it. Bring on more from the boys I say.

Current Score: 86/100

Paramore – After Laughter

After Laughter was one of my favourite records of last year. Pop Punk has always had a strange place in my heart with Fall Out Boy and Paramore being a strong contributor of angst to my teenage years. However while I have grown up and matured, Paramore joined me and made their best record yet. I keep coming back to this one specifically. The songs are all really polished and make me get funky pretty easily. Stand outs for me are the singles Hard Times and Rose Colored Boy. But my god if Fake Happy isn’t an anthem I don’t know what is.

There’s an especially tasty aesthetic with this album that feels like a tropical holiday to hide your depression. I did really enjoy some of the old Paramore but this direction is something I can fan girl over. If you weren’t a fan of angsty Haley Williams (for some strange reason) then do yourself a favor and give After Laughter the attention that it deserves.

Twenty One Pilots

Don’t @ me. I know these boys are very up for debate when it comes to the music scene. However I think we should stop pretending they’re terrible because they’re popular. I don’t fan-girl as much as I used to, mainly because there’s a million other artists that share that now. However I still bop to nearly everything Twenty One Pilots puts out. The new album has especially been quite interesting to me. Since the last release I’ve discovered hip-hop and other genres that now influence my music taste. This brings with it new standards. But this new sound has actually been really well produced from the duo and I find myself looking forward to new singles again.

Their new album Trench is out in a few weeks, but in the meantime I’ve been going through their self titled and Vessel album. I’ve expressed a lot of my issues with Blurryface online which is why I don’t find it as listenable. However Vessel is still their strongest release and has some really good teen anthems. I still think there’s a good discussion to be had about depression and how the lyrics can influence certain people. But as simple music I’m enjoying myself and not reading into anything too much like I’m 16 years old again.

A Few Honorable Mentions

Alright here goes I’m gonna list off some tracks, albums, soundtracks and how they’ve been doing for me this week.

The Last of Us OST – I just finished the game for the first time and the OST is super atmospheric. Hearing each individual guitar pluck strikes a chill straight through my bone and I love it.

Ariana Grande – God is a Woman – This is an absolute bop and you know it. God bless this young woman and everything she has gone through. I hear this track all the time at work on the radio and it’s one of the better songs I get to listen to.

The Greatest Showman OST – Another sing along classic here. Every song should be sung the loudest it can possibly done and with raw passion.

Hope you enjoyed this first list off. Join me next week as I’m sure we’ll be listening to some more interesting stuff, and emo music of course.