While we got off to a bad start to phase 2 in 2013. 2014 would be the year of absolute classics. This year we would get The Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy. One of these are usually at the top of someone’s MCU ranking list and it’s easy to see why. Today we will be focusing on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Because of this film, Captain America became my hero of the second phase. Phase one was very much about Iron Man so it’s only fair Steve got to shine. He gets to become an amazing action star as well as a character with great writing.

The vibe of this movie also feels very intense and action packed. While most of the Marvel films have been pretty simple to their point before, Winter Solider spices things up. We learn very early on that S.H.I.E.L.D has been compromised and out to get Nick Fury, Black Widow and Cap. The two of them feel so right in this movie. It really makes you appreciate how much of a friend Natasha is to all the avengers. Even though she doesn’t have some super serum or suit, she binds the team together. She is there as a best friend to Steve and it shows thorough the movies. She’s also one of most bad ass fighters in this series, when she takes someone out I audibly gasp.

Moving on though, to SHIELD being corrupt and stuff. This is something that seriously gets to Steve in a multitude of ways. Cap has always been someone that fights for his nation, and knowing he can’t even trust them sends him into a sense of shock. As well as that, the love of his life Peggy was one of the original founders. Meaning that her legacy has been tainted by lies and corruption, the very thing that he hates. You just don’t go around messing with the legacy of our saviour Peggy Carter when Steve is around.

While I wouldn’t go so far to say this movie is dark, it definitely keeps the jokes light and the tension high. It delivers two of the best action scenes in the entire MCU. If they haven’t just popped into your head without the name then you need to watch this again. I’m referring of course to the Highway and the Elevator scene. The Elevator fight takes place not long after Cap begins to suspect the corruption within SHIELD. He walks into an Elevator to leave, slowly it stops at a few floors on the way down. Each time more and more people begin to stand around him, until it gets ludicrous and Cap obviously knows what’s going on. It’s kind of funny in a tense kind of way as you see the amount of people they need to send.

Everyone is stood in silence, some of them sweating lightly. Then he says it. “Before we begin, does anyone want to get out?” Before you even have time to realise how amazing this guy is, everyone tries to jump him at once. The fight that takes place was probably only 20 seconds long but it felt like 45 minutes of Chris Evans kicking ass. A lot of people prefer the Highway fight and I can understand why, but this for me is just awesome. This is the first proper time they focus on Cap and his hand to hand fighting combat like this. While there’s been some small scale fights in the past, he’s mainly relied on his shield.

The second fight takes place on the highway against the Winter Soldier. This is a more open space and allows Cap to show of his shield skills as well as his combat skills. One particular moment has a very fast pace moment with them both trying to get a hit on each other. When you slow this scene way down there’s lots to notice and appreciate. For a split second the Winter Solider whips out a knife and practically flips it, catches it and strikes. Seeing the amount of work going on from both actors is beyond intense. This is another moment that feels perfect for Cap, just to see him kick ass.

Those two fights are amazing and part of the reason I love this movie so much. But another point that I think a lot of people on tumblr love, is the relationship between Steve and Bucky. Shock horror! The Winter Soldier is actually Steve’s old best friend Bucky Barnes. Bucky goes through way too much in the MCU and I just want him to be safe. What is it with me wanting to protect all the villains in this franchise. They are just too precious. This sudden shock to Steve is enough to shake him up. This is someone who thought he was all alone, yet his friend is right there looking as young as he remembers.

The whole situation allows us to demonstrate another great line of Steve’s. “I can do this all day.” This is a man who will never give up, weather it’s a fight, a mission or his love. During the whole movie he is heart sent on bringing Bucky back to his normal state of mind. Even during the final fight he is avoiding any possibility where he could possibly get hurt. That’s something I love about him so much, he’ll never do anything that could hurt Bucky, no matter how much he’s trying to kill him. Right at the end where Steve is beaten up and ready to die, Bucky questions why he doesn’t fight back. Then Steve destroys my soul. “I’m with you till the end of the line.”

God Steve is so precious, I honestly feel so bad for him in this phase. He has to relive so much trauma and yet he never gives up. Now I’m having serious doubts about who I love more when it comes to Tony and Steve. These two are polar opposites that rely on each other for support. They’ve both got their share of demons and weaknesses and I love them too much. Man as we get closer to Civil War this is not going to get any easier for me. But alas! We have some lighter moods kicking off our day tomorrow, we’re going to join the Frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy.