Welcome to another one of my Top 5 Lists! This time, I’m deciding to do something a heck of a lot different…My Top 5 Pieces of Anime OST! Yeah…Yeah…I know…This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Gaming, but hey, if Luke can put his Top 5 Albums, then I can do my Top 5 Anime Songs dammit!!

Ahem. Rant over….It’s time to take a look at the list…

5 – Left Foot Trapped In A Sensual Seduction (Alucard’s Theme) – Hellsing Ultimate

Credit to Vito LC for the video
Originally composed by Yasushi Ishii

Picture this for a second – You’re alone in the woods on a dark, calm night; the moon shines red with a bloody light, as all of a sudden beasts not of this world start to surround you; you’re captured, kidnapped…However, a silver comet blasts through the dark, exploding the beasts’ heads’ in a violent mess; a red coat emerges…And you feel horror.

This is why Hellsing’s titular antihero, Alucard, works so well in conjunction with this theme; the calm jazz-rock composition at play here hints at a somewhat more carefree nature of the immortal nosferatu we’ve all come to know and love; whether it’s staving off the undead, fighting back the legions of the Vatican or revived Nazis (Yes…You heard that right.), or simply just leaving a hotel, this theme is here to leave a haunting presence whenever Alucard simply enters the screen. Pure mastery.

4 – Invasion / Treachery (…And ALL their Remixes) – Bleach

Credit to NINmann01 for the video
Composed by Shiro Sagisu

This one was a difficult one for me to decide…Bleach, being my first anime series I ever completed holds a soft spot in my heart…And as such, I recognise that themes such as Sounscape to Ardor, B13A, Stand Up Be Strong, What Can You See In Their Eyes, Escalon, Showing Off and much much more may’ve been a better fit for this title…However to me, nothing can quite beat the pivotal themes of Invasion and Treachery, echoing the main themes and words associated with the somewhat dividing Hueco Mundo arc. This is most certainly a soundtrack that I’ll be listening to for many, MANY years to come, despite Bleach’s somewhat…Disappointing end.

3 – Before My Body is Dry (Don’t Lose Your Way) – Kill la Kill

Credit to ThatOneComputerGuy1 for the video
Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano

Here we begin to get onto the true contenders here; the original “Epic Anime Theme” that reached the masses, Kill la Kill’s central battle theme, Before My Body is Dry truely makes you feel every emotion in the eccentrically expressive fight scenes in this brilliant anime; BMBD (Otherwise known as Don’t Lose Your Way) has been used in countless crossover pieces, memes and has made it’s way to become Kill La Kill’s central theme, in place of other themes such as Ill la Ill and Blumenkratz. Truely one for the ages.

2 – Killer (Kira Yoshikage’s Main Theme) – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable

Credit to gabriel15xD for the video
Composed by Yugo Kanno

The main theme of the ever-so-passionate salaryman, Yoshikage Kira, this theme aims to not only tie into Kira’s desire for a simple, quiet life, but also the malicious ends that this horrid man will go to achieve that. Having a desperate fetish for dismembered hands, however, tends to get in the way of quiet simple life.

However the main reason I’ve put this on this list isn’t just for the sheer heart attack this theme gives you during that climactic drop…No…It’s simply due to the hilarity of it. The number of unintentional memes this one theme has created is near-legendary; don’t believe me? Take a look at this below clip (And yes. Kira was influenced by David Bowie himself):

Credit to lmbwb333 for the video


1 – Dragonslayer (My Brother Remix) – Berserk 2016

Credit to KanekiTheGOAT for the video
Composed by Shiro Sagisu

Hoo boy now we have a doozy here; classed as the central theme of Guts VS Griffith, as Guts fights day after day to reclaim the only friend he ever had…It’s certainly a lot more different to a lot of Berserk’s central themes, being more of a corrupted techno remix of an existing song made by none other than Shiro Sagisu of Bleach fame, which was originally in the second Golden Age Movie – This theme is brooding, dark, epic, and fits every thought one could possibly have about the bleak, tormented mind of Guts, and the bloody and dire world of Berserk.

So that’s it! If you enjoyed this switch in content, let us know down in the comments!!