The week or two leading up to The Last Jedi I was pretty excited. Not only were we going to learn more about some of the characters we got to know in The Force Awakens and get to find out what happens after the cliffhanger previously (literally a cliffhanger), but I was also getting the chance to see writer and director Rian Johnson who’s work I greatly admire working on a canvas as big as this. Will and I both went to the midnight showing together, both big Star Wars fans, spoke for most of the evening leading up to it swapping theories and hopes that we had for the film. We sat in our seat, the lights went down, and the famous crawl began.


As anticlimactic as this may seem, I genuinely do not know how I feel about The Last Jedi. This isn’t a feeling I have had with previous Star Wars films, in the past its always been very clear to me whether I enjoyed it or not, but with this film I’ve had nothing but mixed feelings since leaving the cinema about it. That’s not to say it is a bad film. For one thing it looks gorgeous, and it definitely can’t be accused of playing up to the nostalgia of the original trilogy like The Force Awakens did.

But there is something in this film that I can’t quite place my finger on yet that’s stopping me from letting it win me over. My main concern is that maybe I just don’t want to accept that I didn’t enjoy the film as much as I wanted to. But then at the same time there is a lot to like about this film, and from a technical and visual standpoint it does push all the buttons. The progression of the characters Rey and Ren in particular is very well done and some of the most enjoyable aspects of the film, but at the same time some characters are not as well utilised as they could have been, or even go against what you expect or have seen from them before.

Its a difficult one to discuss, hence this incredibly convoluted piece! But I do definitely want to see it again, as I know that there is something in there that is keeping me from dismissing it completely. And in many ways, its great to have a film in the Star Wars universe that since seeing it, I have been constantly thinking about and reassessing in my mind. With The Force Awakens the whole experience was pure nostalgic entertainment, whereas The Last Jedi moves to the beat of its own drum, something which can be admired, but at this stage for me is not something I can I am a fan of.


Right! Now it’s time for Will to have his say! So as the film began I was filled with that same giddiness and excitement that comes with every Star Wars and you know what? That last for me the whole damn way! The Last Jedi is a wild ride with a lot going on and even more to say for itself.

Before going in me and James both admitted our worries that this film would be a carbon copy of Empire Strikes Back the same way that Force Awakens more or less followed the same path as A New Hope. Luckily this just isn’t the case with the adventure being something we’ve never seen or even believed we would see. So much happens and so much of it I can’t discuss in a review for fear of the dreaded spoilers but I assure you there isn’t a time in this film where I was ever disappointed!

If you had a question left over after Force Awakens then there’s a good chance it’ll be answered here. Though they did leave enough to make us want more, a few secrets left to be blown wide open.

As for characters again the 3 newest heros Rey, Finn and Poe lead the way with their own unique styles and this time without being bogged down by desperate nostalgia grabs that hampered their development in the last film with each being given far more personality and actually letting you pick a favourite this time! (Also mines now Finn)

So while James might not be too sure as of yet I can safely say that The Last Jedi is a roaring success to me and I can’t wait to sit down and watch it again! As I said on the night welcome to the top 3!


POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGGGGGGGSSSS! I LOVE THE GOD DAMN PORGS! Also this film is second favourite for me. I just came here to say that.

Also Porgs: