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This week we’re discussing who we’d like to replace Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, and our thoughts on the DCU in general!


This is a tough question for me to answer as i don’t even know that if I want the DC cinematic universe to continue as a whole, and I don’t really know why. As a whole I’ve enjoyed every film, i’m especially a fan of the BVS ultimate edition, the only one i’d rather not watch again is suicide squad. The whole thing seems in disarray, especially as Justice League wasn’t the smash hit they wanted it to be (what a surprise), everything is so reactionary but the quick studio reaction often messes it all up – Like last minute changes to suicide squad to try and make it lighter or the announcement of Nightwing, Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey just as everyone announces that Batman was the best part of BVS. I think if they had a plan, gave it time, and just stuck with it (Like mighty Marvel) they’ll be in a really good position in a few years. I think the mistakes started when they painfully tried to tie Man of Steel into BVS. Anyway like i said i don’t hate the universe as a whole, there are just lots of flaws in it.

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As far as who i want to be Bats, there are a lot of things to consider in terms of the character. They could reboot and do a younger Bruce, carry on and try to replace with a similar actor or batman beyond it and have a very young batman. I think that Karl Urban would make a really good Bruce and Batman as he can be really suave and charismatic and is also a fucking lad when it comes to action, my other vote would be Jon Hamm as he’s in everything and he also seems pretty fluid in the roles he takes (just see him in baby driver).


I’ve always been a bit impartial to the DCEU since it’s beginning, and beyond that I’ve never been much of a fan of its roster of characters. While I’ve grown up watching Teen Titans and the multitude of batman animated shows, I’ve still not managed to get invested. I loved the excitement about The Dark Knight trilogy and I was definitely impressed with Ledgers performance. However when Man of Steel came out I was just happy with it being a single movie so I could just enjoy it for that. While it wasn’t fantastic it serves decently as a quick action flick with an iconic character. But in a world where Marvel dominates multiple months of a year, DC weren’t just going to sit back and let them enjoy all the attention.

While I haven’t gone to see a DC movie in cinemas, I saw Wonder Woman as soon as it was available. However I’ve had no experience with the Bat-fleck. For this I wouldn’t know exactly who to replace him within this movie world. But I don’t think I’m the only one who wants to see Tommy Wiseau rocking that cape and quipping one liners. It would definitely lighten up the tone a bit of the universe. Either way I hope that the universe Isn’t rocked around too much for people who are actually interested in these characters and what happens to them.


After much consideration… There isn’t a single actor I hate enough to put them in the DCEU. I feel sorry for Ben Affleck, I really do, trapped in the sinking DCEU despite being an incredibly talented actor and director. Gal Gadot, Will Smith, Jared Leto, and Ezra Miller, too. But mostly Ben Affleck, because he’s been the highlight of every film he’d been in.

Let’s face it. Man of Steel was alright. Dawn of Justice was shit. Suicide Squad was shit. Justice League was shit and a flop at the box office. It’s time for DC to wash their hands of the whole business and start again, 5 or 6 years from now. Now, they’re looking at messing up Flashpoint, Deathstroke, and countless other comic stories. We need to stop them.

I’m not going to the cinema to see a DCEU film again. I’m done with it. I traded hours of my life to earn the money to see Justice League. I should have gone bowling instead.

No-one should replace Ben Affleck. No-one. Give it time, let the public forget, and then reboot with an actor who may not even be known right now. That’s the only solution I see right now.


Im going to come right out and say this. I have only watched the Batman Begins series staring Christian Bale as, The Batman. I have not seen any of the reboted DC Universe and to be fair, don’t have any plans to go into any time soon. Instead tho, I do enjoy watching the Arrowverse. This is DC’s TV universe that features, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and the Ledgends of tomorrow (featuring Arthur Darvill well known from Doctor Who, as Rip Hunter, Attom, White Canary, Heatwave and Captain Cold, who originated in Arrow and The Flash respectivly). What I personaly would love to see, is to see some of the big names come into the TV universe as well. Supergirl, in season 2, had Superman turn up and was involved for quite a few episodes, so it is definatly possible to bring a big name in.

The chalenge would be to decide if The Batman would fit in best with Arrow or The Flash. If he entered into Arrow, an already fairly dark series, he could have a nice fit with the tone of the series, and maybe pull away from Oliver Queen being an awkward guy scared about what he’s done in his past. If he entered into The Flash on the otherhand, he could change the tone entirely. While the flash is medling with some fairly dark themes, the whole thing feels a little airheaded. Like there just a little in over there heads. There could be an intresting story arc where Batman teaches the team how to deal with new situations while the team help Bruce Wane inanother way. Maybe without even knowing that he is The Batman.

The other challenge is to decide who would be best to play the roles. Someone who’s able to be the eccentric Bruce, but also someone who can pull off the ferocity of the Batman. The first name that comes to mind is Joel Edgerton. He stared in one of my favourite films called Warrior, alongside Tom Hardy, released in 2011. This film shows he definitely has the potential to deal with the force made by The Batman, and with a little grooming, he could make a very nice looking Bruce as well.


Admittedly, I’m as deep into the DCU as a blummin’ puddle, but I still hold a deep respect for the Caped Crusader – One thing that I feel has to be done right in any adaptation from comics to the big screen is both the physical and behavioural interpretations of any character; for these reasons, I really do feel that Wes Bentley could pull off one hell of a convincing Batman…

The man may’ve only came into the film scene in 1995, but his roles in various films such as The Hunger Games, American Horror Story and Ghost Rider show the varied and often brooding personalities he plays – That, and the guy certainly has the physique to be able to play a large, enigmatic figure such as Bruce Wayne; that, and supposedly Christopher Nolan had Wes as his original first choice for the very bat himself… So take that with a pinch of salt…