Investing into a new console is never an easy task, you never know how much support it’s going to get. As well as that you’ve got the worry that there won’t be any games for a good year or so. All this can be applied to the Nintendo Switch, which is a console Josef bought the week it came out. While this is definitely considered a risky move by most people, it’s one that he believed was a good one. Now in Respawning we have a few more Switches and a lot of interest from those who don’t.

In Switch Club we are going to see what the switch owners are up to with their multi tool console, and ask different questions each time. This edition we will be asking the big question, when and why did you get a Nintendo Switch?


Anyone who’s read my Zelda reviews knows how hyped I was for Breath of the Wild. It set to be the biggest Zelda ever made and would have a console release at the same time just to hold its might. While I wasn’t interested in the Switch at first I was still intrigued as it was a new console from Nintendo after all. As soon as I tried a copy of BotW on WiiU I knew that I would be heavily invested in the game. Around the same time I was in University so I made the plunge to get a switch.

Unfortunately for me on the day after the console released I decided to wait an extra day to fully decide that this was the decision I wanted to make. By doing this, all the consoles and copies of Zelda sold out almost immediately across the country. Now I wanted it even more. I spent two full weeks refreshing different sites. On Argos I would be able to reserve it on fast track and pay for it over time using my Argos card. Eventually I got so frustrated that I actually bought the Zelda game on its own just to satisfy the fact I owned it. Then the lucky day came where an email came through saying they were restocked. I made sure to reserve it almost immediately, I was finally successful.

As well as Zelda I knew that there was going to be Mario Kart 8, and as a Uni student it just sounded worth it to me. I know as a Nintendo consumer that I’m going to get some great first party support. I’ve also been very lucky that the Switch is getting incredible third party support for a Nintendo Console!


I have to admit, there were three main reasons for me buying mine & Clarice’s shared Nintendo Switch; one quite emotional, and the other two rather whimsical – I’ll start with the whimsical to keep things happy! We were interested in the Switch since we attended a pre-release event back in January 2016 where we were able to play nearly every launch Nintendo Switch system-seller; ARMS, Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Sonic Mania, Super Bomberman R, Disgaea 5…You name it!

However, seeing the immediate lack of support, I decided to wait until all these great games had finally released so we wouldn’t just be stuck with Breath of the Wild – Bring this forwards to September, and Tesco were running a special deal where you could get a Switch for around £250…If I remember correctly!

Reason two, simply enough, was sits within my pure desire to play Breath of the Wild…But the third is a bit more emotionally rooted – Just before I decided to get us a Nintendo Switch, my father, Andrew Banham, unfortunately passed away quite abruptly; in a depressive state, I found solace playing the old games we used to play together, as he always bought me games for my birthday and Christmas without fail; I decided that, for one last present from him, I’d get a system with games that I’d remember, and that I’d be able to enjoy with a mix of excitement and nostalgia, just like the old days with him.



I had my first experience with the switch back at the Hammersmith Nintendo Switch premiere and from that moment I was obsessed. The ability to use it both as a handheld device as well as a home console blew my mind but what I wasn’t looking forward to was the price tag that came along with the device and its accessories. This put me of big time and for a while I was contemplating waiting a few years for the price to drop but the urge to save Princess Zelda, to race against my friends in Mario Kart, to have the nostalgic feeling of playing wii sports boxing in the form of Arms, time was ticking and I needed to purchase it.

Now a few months down the line Nintendo have announced previous triple A games to be ported to the Nintendo switch, Doom and Wolfenstein. Two of Bethesda’s finest games to go along with Skyrim. If all goes well the Nintendo switch will be a jack of all trades meaning this could bring in other third party developers and make this the console of our dreams.

The Nintendo switch has taken up so much of my time that my other consoles have been neglected and gathering dust, but what i do miss about my other consoles is the customisation and the ability to make it yours, so once Nintendo finally add themes and maybe *wink wink* online achievements, this could be one of the best consoles in the last decade


So the reason I got a Switch was because I wanted to play the eventual ports of Wonderful 101 and Bayo 2. Now there’s no signs indicating that those will ever come out I still bought it for Zelda, the new SMT and No More Heroes. It’s really weird buying Nintendo consoles where I live because they will either sell like hotcakes and eventually get crazy price drops or stay on store shelves forever with a price that never changes and is way more than you’d get anywhere else. So the Switch was in a weird place where it was selling a lot but kind of not and prices were fluctuating like crazy.

I had a summer internship just so I can save up for a Switch and I was dying for some family relative or friend to come from any country where they sell the console at a normal price so I can get it and pay em’ back but it never happened. I ended up waiting 2 extra months just waiting for the right offer until a good friend of mine who collects stuff hits me up and gives a good deal for a Switch with Zelda. And bing band boom I have a Switch now and I’m loving it.

Currently I have Zelda, Mario Kart 8, Samurai Shodown IV, Snipperclips, Stardew Valley and Oxenfree. Which are all fantastic games that I can’t get enough of. The Switch is slowly becoming one of my favorite consoles ever due to just how comfy it is. Here’s to more great games on this awesome console.


So I’m currently 29 meaning I was born in 1988, I grew up with some sort of Nintendo console including all of the portable consoles too. It was a magical time and this nostalgia comes from playing video games with my father, playing games like Mario Bros and watching my father rage through Zelda.

While I’ve mentioned Zelda, like everyone else. We also played through those notorious CD-I games, throughout my entire childhood I have never seen an adult rage so hard.

When it comes to my attraction to the Nintendo Switch, it all boils down to that nostalgia and most importantly a lot of games on the Nintendo Entertainment System were also being brought over to the GameBoy too.

What I’m trying to summarise here is, Nostalgia Porn…

While my collection looking rather small at the moment, I assure you that it is going to grow. Right now I own Zelda Breath of The Wild, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 and Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star.

Let’s talk about the future of the Nintendo Switch and my future dreams for the console. Let’s start by getting this out of the way, I hope that this console doesn’t become the equivalent of the toilet book. We’ve all been there, right? That novel you read during your quiet time of contemplation while emptying your bowels.

With the news that developers such as Pokemon Company are going to be bringing their games to the Nintendo Switch, I would hope that other developers begin to do the same; after all the Nintendo 3DS has an amazing collection of JRPGs.

My hope is that the Nintendo Switch is going to feed my JRPG addiction. Please Nintendo, don’t let me down.

And then theres Luke


What the fuck is the Switch? it just looks like a rebranded Wiiu. Why are Nintendo selling me the same console a whole generation later?

I have a real issue with Nintendo as an adult, I am sure their games are amazing but I honestly believe they get by purely on their own coattails but don’t actually make anything worthwhile anymore. All these gimmicks they have been running for the last 10 years are starting to run really fucking dry now.

Nintendo PLEASE, I implore you – just make me a proper console, as an adult I dont want to get home from work at 6pm and have to jump around my living room or grapple with a terrible square controller, I want something I can comfortable grasp in my hand whilst I play games in my pants.

The 3ds is fine to play on my shitter so stop trying to blend the worlds together by creating something that doesn’t excel in either.

Fuck you Nintendo.

Sincerely, a bitter ex fanboy.

See you next time!

So that was our first entry to the switch club, we hope you’ve enjoyed our stories and share our switch excitement. The future for this console is looking very pretty indeed with the rise of games like Mario Odyssey. Not to mention all the upcoming ports that will turn our favourite games into the perfect thing to do while we poop! I’m looking at you Skyrim! Stick with us here at Respawning to keep riding the switch club and get your latest gaming news.

Except for Luke.