That’s right, folks. More than a half-decade after the release of the king of Action-RPGs, Diablo 3 is proving itself the king of the mountain yet again by being released on Nintendo’s newest console. Not only is this an unexpected, bold move for the franchise, it’s also the first time a Blizzard IP has been on the Nintendo platform since the Game Boy Advance dominated the handheld market. So, what does this mean for the future of the Switch? Multiplayer was one of the focus points in the pre-release hype for the console, and even if Diablo 3 is in its winter years, the loot-and-grind formula has proven itself time and time again. The Switch port offers four-player couch co-op (both on the same machine and with multiple Switches with no online connection) and the full breadth of online play available to PC and other console users. If the launch goes off without a hitch and multiplayer works, Diablo 3 is sure to keep Switch users beating down The Prime Evil long into the night.

The port, due later this year, will cost $59.99 and include all DLCs, updates, and other content released on PC. Additionally, according to the Forbes post on the topic (since removed from their website), an all-new set of armor cosmetically styled after Ganondorf will be available, and there is the possibility of more Nintendo-themed cosmetics.