General Kenobi! It’s good to hear from you again. Yes according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter Disney are in talks with Billy Eliot director Stephen Daldry. He is set to direct a Star Wars movie centred on the handsome one liner himself, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The project is in very early stages, if Daldry takes on the project he will oversee the writing and development with Lucasfilm. So while there is no script currently, there is a lot of hope on the horizon.

There is no current word on weather or not Ewan McGreggor himself will be returning to fill out the roles another time. However in interviews he has expressed his desire to pull out the lightsaber once again. If he is not to return we could be looking at a Han Solo situation with extensive casting calls for a perfect Kenobi.

In terms of Star Wars, Disney are currently wrapping up their untitled Han Solo movie set to release in 2018. As well as that there is a main trilogy release this December with Episode 8: The Last Jedi. For our man Obi-Wan, he has been adapted into the Star Wars universe several times since Revenge of the Sith. Including the fan favourite Clone Wars adaptation where he was voiced by James Arnold Taylor. Again recently the older version of the character appeared in Star Wars: Rebels going against his arch nemesis Darth Maul.

Daldry most recently directed episodes of Netflix’s period drama The Crown, which garnered him an Emmy nomination. With a possible obi-wan movie, we could see into his time on the planet of Tatooine where he was watching over Luke before A New Hope. To find out more Star Wars news stay with us at Respawning. Be sure to remember that only a sith deals in absolutes.