Earlier today, the sister of one of those behind indie hit Night in the Woods confirmed he took his own life via Twitter. Whilst details are scarce, Alec Holowka’s death comes shortly after allegations of physical and emotional abuse surfaced online. Zoë Quinn, one accuser, stated that Holowka was frequently violent and terrifying during a stay with him.

Holowka’s sister, Eileen, thanked crisis centres for helping her brother throughout his life, noting that he battled mood and personality disorders.

“Over the last few years, with therapy and medication, Alec became a new person,” Eileen’s statement read. “The same person he’d always been but without any of the darkness. He was calm and happy, positive and loving. Obviously, change is a slow process and it wasn’t perfect, but he was working towards rehabilitation and a better life.”

Eileen also addressed the accusations directly in the statement. “Those who know me will know that I believe survivors and I have always done everything I can to support survivors, those suffering from mental illnesses, and those with chronic illnesses,” she stated. “Alec was a victim of abuse and he also spent a lifetime battling mood and personality disorders. I will not pretend that he was not also responsible for causing harm, but deep down he was a person who wanted only to offer people care and kindness. It took him awhile to figure out how.”

She went on to note that Alec explicitly wished his accusers well, and that harassment of them was unacceptable.

If you, or a loved one, are experiencing suicidal thoughts, please know there is help. You can find a list of specialist hotlines here.