Yup! You heard right! After a six-year break, the Gears Games are back! Come watch thirty-foot mechs pummel one another into scrap for the glory of their Houses in MechQuest! If you’ve got steel in your soul and fire in your heart, you can even join them! Whether you’re a brave WolfBlade, a clever MystRaven, or a shrewd RuneHawk, each house will need every able-bodied fighter it can get to claim to the coveted Gears Games Cup!

Mechquest, the prequel to Artix Entertainment’s DragonFable, is a turn-based RPG where players assemble mechs from various chassis and weapons, then bring them to battle against aliens, monsters, and the villainous Shadowscythe, all while trying to graduate from mech-piloting school! The game employs an innovative cooldown-per-weapon system to drive home the feeling of driving a mech, rather than simply operating a larger version of a traditional RPG protagonist.

MechQuest‘s storyline was finished several years ago, but the game has received periodic quality-of-life updates since then, including the addition of seasonal events as always-on content, and a handful of bug-fixes. Fans of Robotech, MechWarrior, and the like will find MechQuest an excellent addition to the genre.

Come participate in the Gears Games and experience MechQuest!