Do you like dragons, magic, adventure, and bad puns? Then you’ll love Artix Entertainment’s DragonFable. This week, the flash based RPG (previously reviewed here) has a host of bug-fixes, new releases, and a special summer sale!

To kick things off, this week’s release is a short breather from the main-plot. Players will be hacking their way through a district filled with arachnophobia-inducing horrors in search of missing soldiers for an old friend.

If that isn’t your taste, DragonFable offers twelve years of content to explore with over fifteen classes! Journey to the bottom of the ocean to confront a primordial evil, hunt dragons in the frozen north, or confront DOOM incarnate in the grand story spanning more than one hundred quests!

In addition to the new release, DragonFable’s twelfth anniversary is in the home stretch. To celebrate, there are numerous deals on in-game items and a powerful new weapon to celebrate the occasion!


In related news, work continues on DragonFable’s newest class, the Epoch. This is the latest in a long line of time-themed classes tied to the purchase of real-world calendars available on HeroMart.

Still not convinced? Keep on eye out for more news about one of the most successful Flash-based RPGs in history, or better yet, check it out for yourself! For more information about this week’s release, check out the weekly design notes!