The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed insider sources have stated that Henry Cavill, who has portrayed Superman in the DC Extended Universe films since 2013, has left Warner Bros.

Reports state that negotiations about a Superman cameo in next year’s Shazam! movie broke down between Warner Bros and Cavill’s representatives, with the later now apparently hesitant about pursuing any future  cameos or appearances using Cavill’s Superman. There has been speculation as to whether a change in Warner Bros.’ strategy for the DCEU after the under-performance of Justice League, or Cavill’s casting in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, were involved in the decision making process, though a Hollywood Reporter source stated that confirmation of The Witcher happened after the talks.

With the revelation that DC wants to introduce Supergirl into the universe – someone with essentially the same skillset of Cavill’s Superman – and a Hollywood Reporter insider stating that there were unlikely to be a new Superman solo-movie for a few years anyway (citing the James Bond franchise in comparison), it would make sense that Cavill’s interests saw greener pastures elsewhere.

Cavill’s departure will join Affleck’s own rumoured exit, with only Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman remaining of the DCEU’s ‘Holy Trinity’ of heroes. Though even with their likely absence, the DCEU may not be in too much trouble: Matt Reeves‘ upcoming Batman solo-film will have a heavy focus on a younger Batman and possibly allow a new actor to slide into the role, and executives are confident in Walter Hamada’s handling of the franchise so far. Hamada, of New Line Cinema fame, was brought into oversee Warner Bros.’s future DC-related films post-Justice League, and is taking the franchise in new directions (of which the Supergirl injection is one).

“Walter has a specific design for the universe,” an insider once told media site, Geeks of Doom, “He has a plan.”