​​​​​​​Background Music Redefined: A Harmonious Collaboration with Russell Brower

Tarisland, the upcoming cross-platform MMORPG, is proud to share more details about the exciting partnership with renowned composer Russell Brower to further elevate the experience of the game.

The collaboration aims to bring a captivating musical backdrop to the game’s immersive world, enriching the player’s journey through enchanting compositions.

The partnership with the highly acclaimed Emmy Award-winning and BAFTA-nominated composer will see him breathing new life into six maps previously featured in the Closed Beta Test (CBT) version of Tarisland, with the music acting as a powerful narrative tool within the fantastical world.

A behind-the-scenes video has been released, offering an exclusive look into the creative process of music design for Tarisland. The video delves into the collaboration’s inception, Russell Brower’s inspirations behind the compositions, his unique music philosophy, and a captivating peek into the live-recording scene.

Key Highlights of the Video:

The Genesis of Collaboration: Russell Brower shares the story of how the collaboration with Tarisland came to be, providing insights into the initial stages and the shared vision that brought this partnership to fruition.

Russell’s Musical Insights: Delve into the mind of Russell Brower as he discusses his thoughts and inspirations behind the six pieces of music created exclusively for Tarisland. Gain a deeper understanding of the emotional and thematic elements woven into each composition.

Music Philosophy and Composing Approach: Russell Brower shares his unique music philosophy and the methodology behind his composition process, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of an accomplished composer.

Live-Recording Scene and Audio Preview: Experience the magic of the live-recording scene as Russell Brower’s compositions come to life. Get a sneak peek into the enchanting soundscapes that will accompany players on their Tarisland adventure.

Players can follow the development and join the community on the official website, on YouTube or via Facebook and Twitter; as well as the official Discord.